Between Two Worlds

Marshall: Quest 1, Session 2

Nerf This!



Starting where we left off, James continued to be grappled while the rest of the party fought the other vampire.  However, the vampire managed to charm Enkidu and commanded him to protect the vampires to the best of his ability.  Shortly after Lana managed to defeat the vampire, while Duck ran to help Ceres.  Enkidu decided the best way to help the vampires was to seperate the vampire from everyone else, and so he encased him in an airtight room made of stone, while also splitting the party.  Lana became suspicious of Enkidu while Duck and Ceres tried to break through the wall to get at the vampire.  Eventually they broke a hole in the wall big enough for some eldritch blasts to get fired in.  The vampire turned into mist and flew out with Duck and Ceres in pursuit.  Duck tried to kill it but missed, and in retaliation the vampire began drinking Duck's blood.  However Ceres also managed to hit the vampire with a special beam that prevented the vampire from regaining hitpoints, resulting in his demise.  

Meanwhile Lana managed to find the switch for the door in the skull and flipped it, and in return Enkidu decided to wander out the door, and came face to face with all the undead in the room.  He decided to hit the pit of undead with a sunburst, also hitting a few necromancers in the process. The players decided to take a break while I killed off half the undead in the pit.  When they got back the undead decided to rush Enkidu, who responded by icing up the walkways with sleet, causing them all to fall down.  However Enkidu still got a disintegration spell to the face.   

Meanwhile on the other side the vampire was finally vanquished.  The party all decided to go through the other door.  Duck ran up the bridge and bottlenecked the revenants while Lana and Ceres took pot shots at the undead Duck was fighting.  However Duck still took a disintegration spell to the face.  He was still up and raging though.  They managed to make their way through the revenants, though the necromancer on that side still hit Duck with a wall of fire, dealing more damage.  Duck ended up running through the wall though and turned the necromancer into a blood smear.  Then undead climbed up to threaten Lana and Ceres.  While fighting off these undead, Ceres also hit a lot of the undead and the head necromancer with a fireball.

Meanwhile undead finally managed to reach Enkidu, who just turned into a bird and flew to the other side of the sleet storm.  Enkidu would switch back and forth and beat on the necromancer and undead caught in the storm with spells. 

Duck in the meantime managed to kill everything on his side and started to run at the head necromancer.  However the head necromancer casted Bigby's Hand (Arcane Hand) and pushed Duck into the undead pit while cackling fiendishly.  Duck then head to fight off hordes of undead for his life down there.  He was slowly being nicked and cut to death.  Lana decided to try to climb down into the pit to heal Duck but fell in due to the fact that the wall was sheer.  She managed to heal up Duck a bit, but he was still in big trouble.  Meanwhile Enkidu cast Thunder Wave on the head necromancer dealing some damage and pushed the head Necromancer into the pit.  Enkidu did this to basically have him fall into the Duck meat grinder, but the fall and thunder wave damage ended up killing him. 

They're still fighting undead but took out all the big guys.  They find out that Duck and Lana, the two in the pit, were the only ones with rope.  Lana manages to tie a rope around Duck and climbs out of the pit, then pulls him out.  (Let me at 'im!  He would cry out with something like 10 hp left.)  With undead still approaching from the left and more undead about to pop out of the pit, the players were going to have to fight their way out.

Post Mortem

Players can dish out a lot of damage and take a fair bit.  I kept on hitting them with pretty big spells and they would still be up.  Players loved the pit of zombies, especially Peter who had all kinds of fun spells.  

Peter has controlling and blasting spells.  James also has some blasting spells, and can apparentlys end enemies to a random dimension for a round.

Party is far from unhittable; they're very hitable actually, so are relying on a lot of hitpoints.  Even Enkidu can take a lot of damage.  Only half the party has rope.  


Next Session

Continue the dungeon crawl.  Party is still in the second room.  They're in rough condition and more undead are about to climb out of the pit, but they'll probably survive just fine.


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