Between Two Worlds

Nathan: Quest 1 Session 2

Such DPS Lack


  • MISSING – Brittany: Content Not Found: Degenel (Barbarian/Fighter)
  • Warren: Content Not Found: Kyne (Paladin/Fighter)
  • Elizabeth: Content Not Found: Truffle (Wizard)


The vampires got to chomp down on Warren a bit and used their legendary saving to escape Elizabeth's watery orb. Towards the end of the fight, Elizabeth decided to drop her 20-foot diameter watery orb on top of the skull. After some calculations, we determined this was approximately 31,000 gallons of water which was enough to fill the room with 4 feet of water. Since they had opened the supply room door before this fight, the water started filling that room too to which they encountered a very scared peasant. Warren provided the peasant with a horse so he could return to his family and the peasant went off merrily after leaving a cryptic warning about the eyes. Elizabeth summoned a fish familiar because there was water.

The party then opened the door to the pit room by bashing it open. The water promptly started flooding the pit. The players noticed some delayed fireblasts I had placed on the floor because they had taken so long to open the door Warren ran through without it exploding. Elizabeth dispelled the fireblast and her fish was swept into the pit where it was prompty nomed by an undead. The fight went relatively slowly with the necromancers casting a tonne of spells at the players and the revenant soaking a tonne of damage. The minions from the pit almost made it to the top but Warren played whack a mole and knocked them down. About 10 rounds into the fight, Warren remembered he can turn undead and Elizabeth remembered that she had a fireball. After that point, they were a little happier. The necromancers did not send them into the pit with any hands because shortly after they were cast, Warren bashed one out of existence and the concintration of one necromancer was broken due to being hit by Elizabeth.

We finished with them closing in on the head necromancer and the far one still there. A handful of undead are still in the pit.

Post Mortem

Concentration is a mechanic that is important to keep in mind


  • I made Brittany's character do another rage because they needed it. Otherwise she was basically a copy of Warren with slightly higher damage output for the night

Next Session

Keep on killing them, send them towards the final encounter and big reveal.


marshallw DDragon

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