Between Two Worlds

Quest 1/2, Session 4

"Let them be judged in the light of Kyne" - Kyne


  • Brittany: Content Not Found: Degenel (Barbarian/Fighter)
  • Warren: Content Not Found: Kyne (Paladin/Fighter)
  • Elizabeth: Content Not Found: Truffle (Wizard)


The players let the villagers out and entered the BBG room. They went straight for the necromancer and despite my best efforts managed to finish him off before the vampires. He ran into the back room and did the swap. Brittany followed and despite knowing that it was a different necromancer and being very confused decided her character would probably smash the newcomer in the face instead of ask him questions. Thus, despite a meta game knowledge of the necromancer being different they killed him. Later Warren expressed his displeasure at not having a note or something that spelt out exactly what was happening. sigh

After this, they decided to check out a village with an X on it and discovered the village was empty. Forceful entry was present but no other signs of a struggle or blood. Also evidence of it being quite a while ago. Finally, they returned to the king and received their castle seeing right through the veiled comments about not having been there for a while. Castle is a days right roughly east of the main town. I flavoured in the carts for the troll ambush along their journey but this was before they got destroyed so just sketchy guys on the caravan.

Upon arriving at their Castle, they realized it wasn't very nice. They were not surprised as the Iron King had let slip that he hadn't been there in his lifetime. Warren promptly looked for a place for Kyne to set up a little chapel. He found somewhere and decided he would call off for a cleric at some point (he never did before the punting). They went in and found the rats. Were annoyed by Donald trying to bargain for the castle and refused to leave the rats the castle instead favoring evicting the rats to an out building. The rats ran away. The players went to get cats from a nearby farm. The farmer sold them some cats as long as they caught them and paid 1 sp each. The cats were caught and brought back to the castle at which point they were released in the main hall. The cats promptly went to different corners of the room and slept near holes in the wall. The players went through the staircase room (and spotted the trap). The players also went into the hallway and tried to flank the rat that had marbles. The rat got two of them with marbles which pissed them off. They went to the room with the pea shooter rat (right bedroom) and we called it a night there.

Post Mortem

My group is behind Marshall's which may cause issues with the punting. We need to speed my group up and/or slow Marshall's down.


Warren was getting very into RPing Kyne… the half growler of mead we split likely helped things!

Next Session

Finish main floor, head downstairs, swap!



marshallw DDragon

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