Between Two Worlds

Quest 1, Session 3

"If those are beholders I'm leaving"


  • Brittany: Content Not Found: Degenel (Barbarian/Fighter)
  • Warren: Content Not Found: Kyne (Paladin/Fighter)
  • Elizabeth: Content Not Found: Truffle (Wizard)


The players finally finished off the necromancers. It was a relatively simple task for them but one managed to hit Elizabeth pretty good taking her down to 6HP. As the main necromancer died, he spoke the command word to raise the pit. Unfortunately, Elizabeth had killed about half of the critters in her first fireball and Warren had made the rest afraid with his turn undead. Warren spent some time positioning himself to herd undead while the Elizabeth put them in a force wall and then finally burst them to redeath.

The party then went throught he central door and Warren quickly noticed the shadows on the ground. He turned on his paladin ability to detect undead and I told him there was undead nearby.
"Do I see anything glowing?"
"You know, I know the direction of the undead because of my ability"
"Look up"
"If those are beholders, I'm leaving"
"Of course they aren't beholders… they are 'Eye Tyrants'" troll face

The beholders spent the entire battle firing 1 ray each round at the players. They hit Elizabeth quite well with a lot of status effects and also managed to hit her with some damaging spells and knocked her down to 36hp (after a 36hp hit). They also managed to put Brittany asleep several times throughout the battle which seemed to confuse her barbarian a lot. Warren's paladin abilities allow him to provide allies within range +4 on saves. This totally saved their butt. Without this ability I would have had TPK session 3.

After a long battle (that was likely more fun for the DM than players) they killed the beholders. They have yet to free the townsfolk, be suprised by the one or finish off the boss necromancer.

Post Mortem

Concentration is still important to keep in mind with Elizabeth.
Elizabeth can't seem to take a hard punch. Spindly wizard.
Warren doesn't dish a lot of damage but his character is surprisingly versatile and annoying!


  • Nothing unusual happened.

Next Session

Release villagers, be shived, go through main door, fight necromancer, see if find hidden room, roll up loot, trap, lots of fun!


marshallw DDragon

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