Between Two Worlds

Quest 2, Session 6


  • Brittany: Content Not Found: Degenel (Barbarian/Fighter)
  • Elizabeth: Content Not Found: Truffle (Wizard)
  • Cerys


After tansporting to the same side as Cerys the entire party found themselves with only one way to go. Up to the big spider. As they were climbing, one of the low CR Giant Spiders hit the imp with a web and the imp almost died from the fall. They then dispatched the spiders and ran into the big area where they found Donald fighting a giant spider. Donald slew the spider and was startled to see the party. A very large spider (the huge one) then swooped down and hit Donald. It did not kill him just paralyzed him as it was the spider poison that did the kill. The party fought the giant spider and James hit it with Hold Monster which allowed Brittany to hit it quite hard. A Phase spider then broke James' concentration but they had done enough damage to make things pretty quick.

The party then went back to the front of the cave and took a long rest. They went back to the rats area and found them gone (the spider venom only lasts an hour and the scattered). They then went upstairs and got the plot hook for the farm.

On the way to the farm they found the two hipsters on the side of the road. The didn't fight them opting to try to figure out why they were sketchy. The imp tried to rifle through their bags but they noticed and they eventually left heading North. Their cover story was they were farmers looking for new and exciting things on a holiday.

Imp scouted ahead to the farm and the party crawled throught he corn field. Degenel left a Degenel sized path through the corn. They were discovered at the end of the field by cultists and the session ended.

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