Between Two Worlds

Quest 3, Session 7


  • Brittany: Content Not Found: Degenel (Barbarian/Fighter)
  • Elizabeth: Content Not Found: Truffle (Wizard)
  • Cerys


The party quickly dispatched the demon and cultist and tried to hide the cultist but Degenel just left a demon sized hole in the corn.

Tried to distract another demon with a clockwork rat but the rat wasn't noticed for a while and then just made the demon run around in circled watching it. They eventually had to fight and kill the demon. Another cultist joined the fight. It was chaos.

They cleared the house destroying the sleeping guards with acid sprays and killing the shadow demons. They think the false flag will help them

Then went to the West side of the barn. Killed the lone guard and the guy sleeping in the trough. Didn't release the prisoner as it was "safer for him to stay in the cell". I think I may have him die for some reason as a condsequence? 

Met the dragon and set it free. It'll help them in the future.

Post Mortem




Next Session

Big fight time


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