Between Two Worlds

Quest 3, Session 8

Die Demon, DIE!


  • Brittany: Content Not Found: Degenel (Barbarian/Fighter)
  • Elizabeth: Content Not Found: Truffle (Wizard)
  • Cerys


Players started the fight against the large demon in the barn. Elizabeth's character spent most of the fight hidden in the little hallway in front of the dragon's room and casting controller type spells. Brittany went upstairs to handle the archers on the second floor when they were discovered and James caused havoc. Elizabeth caught the demon with a bigby's hand and it had to teleport out of that (which is an action) twice to keep from wasting it's turn. Thus, it only got maybe two rounds of unleashing it's full force on the party. Controllers are appearing quite effective in 5e. James opened with a fireball which set the barn on fire and the fire slowly spread throughout the fight. Towards the end nearlyhalf the barn was on fire. However, Elizabeth's watery sphere can be used to put out fire and it essentially saved the barn. As soon as the fight was done, a cultist ran away out the back of the barn. They did not pursue because of the fire. Later they heard the same cultist running away from the house as he had gone there to find his friends. James hit him in the back with some eldrich blasts and nearly killed him. He played dead but they clever party figured thisout and interrogated. James hit him with a spell to get him to tell everything he knew. Unfortunately due to Cery's speech limitations, they got limited info. They figured out the cultists teleported in from Thay and serve Pho'Fu'Saq and then Brittany brutally murdered the cultists.

After killing the demon, the

Post Mortem

Brittany likes killing things. This party definately ain't good.



Next Session

Try to get them to Thay.


marshallw DDragon

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