Between Two Worlds

Quest 4, Session 9

Will they ever go to Thay?!


  • Brittany: Content Not Found: Degenel (Barbarian/Fighter)
  • Elizabeth: Content Not Found: Truffle (Wizard)
  • Cerys


Brittany and Elizabeth spent most of the session herping around trying ot organize things for their castle. They went up to Darom and tried to get info and introduce themselves. Following characters created:
Leader – respectful and nice
Crime Lord – Dick

The players ran into the crime lord due to a good streetwise check. They then flubbed the roll to see that the normal citizens were leaving the street and being replaced by the crime lord's minions. Brittany figured she could take the crime lord on but thankfully didn't as there were close to 30 associates int he streets with him. This crime lord will be in charge of the entire region and not just Darom.

Quin La
Leader – Dick, supposedly harsh upon crime in his city. Fights off incursions from Thay. Doesn't want PCs to meddle
Crime Lord – will be in charge of some things here. Think Kingpin in Daredevil.

They fought trolls on the highway to their destination because I needed a break from rollplaying. Maybe, if we are lucky, they will decide to actually go to Thay with the map that they got from the crime lord in Darom sometime next session!

Post Mortem

It's hard to wrangle the players. They are no a solid 1 – 1.5 sessions behind Marshall's group. We need to bring them back together. This will likely be done by bringing Allie into my side of things.



Next Session

Try to get them to Thay… AGAIN!


marshallw DDragon

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