Amett Greylock, "The Herald"

Leader of Fho's cult in Faerun, Amett tries to get along with his followers, but usually ends up alienating them instead. The beatings don't help either.


“The beatings will continue until morale improves!” – Amett Greylock
Former alchemy lab assistant
Homely, long, spindly fingers, blonde with big sideburns
Tries to act like a friend to his minions, not like a boss, but ends up coming across as a jerk. When they fail, he tends to beat his minions.

Additional Characteristics

Feel free to use these additional characteristics in both worlds. This is just for purpose to make a consistent character.

Nathan’s World

Talent – Expert Cook
Mannerisms – Always speaks loudly
Interaction Traits – Irritable
Useful Knowledge – World Shifting Mechanics, Evil plots
Ideals – Retribution (Perhaps is doing this to get back at an old girlfriend who snubbed him in this world so he wants to kill her on multiple planes of existence?)
Flaws/Secrets -


Amett Greylock, "The Herald"

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