Ferg Anderson

Ferg joined the cult figuring it'd be a quick way to make an easy buck, and ended up staying because he was too lazy to leave.


Killed in Nathan’s campaign, living in Marshall’s. The idea is that there is going to be this guy who shows up at all the cult’s locations. He consistently gets shuffled from location to location and gets promoted because he is the only one who lives from the player’s assaults, until eventually the cult imprisons him when either they realize he’s just really lazy, or he does something like selling all their gear to buy more food.

The Farm

Ferg is a very lazy person who figured he could eat a meal and make some money by working for the cultists for a bit. Unfortunately for him, they expected him to do work. Unfortunately for them Ferg is very lazy and usually finds ways around doing work. The cult eventually sent him to the farm to help them set up a new portal, but more importantly to get him out of their hair. It didn’t work.

When the players encountered Ferg, he was sleeping in a horse stall. Nathan’s group just immediately killed him, while Marshall’s group hit him really hard to wake him up. They talked to him and found out he really wasn’t into this cult thing, especially wearing the skinny jeans. Eventually they convinced him to give them information whenever they contact him, and though it’s a pain, he agrees. They let him go.

The Keep

Next time they’ll meet him is inside the cultist’s keep, assigned to keep watch over Sanel. He’s constantly humoring Sanel who has gone crazy and just spends his time yelling at Ferg. If the players ask, he’ll tell them that after the farm they found that he was the only one who survived, so they promoted him to watching over Sanel. He figured it’d be an easy way to get in some napping and slacking, but Sanel keeps on yelling at him, preventing him from doing what he really wants to do. He’ll let the players take Sanel if they want him, stating, “Well the way I see it, I was assigned to guard Sanel. Guarding involves keeping him safe from harm. If he’s with you guys, he’ll probably be safer than he would be with me. Therefore I’d be even more effective at my job.”


Ferg Anderson

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