The Napoleonatic Archfiend


Fho is an archdemon that resides on the 464th layer of the abyss. Like any good demon he desires power, his own layer, lair, followers and more, yet he has been unable to acquire it. While Fho qualifies as an archfiend, he’s really not much more powerful than Balor. This makes him powerful, but not powerful enough to make a lot of headway in the world of demons. He has a small army of demons, a fortress on the 464th layer of the abyss and some humans who either worship him or work for him. (all of his worshippers are hipsters who want to worship a demon that no one’s heard of) Yet he is incredibly frustrated as he can never seem to gain power, territory or followers. This makes him somewhat of a laughing stock at the annual archfiend meetup where everyone usually pretends he’s the balrog waiter who’s working at the event. As a result Fho usually has a dozen or potential leads to various potential ways to increase his power, such as the mystical artifact “The Shake Weight.” or an elixir mixed from a substance called protein.

When Fho introduces himself to anyone he will introduce himself as Demon Prince Fho’Fus’Saq, even though he’s the only one who recognizes that title. (the title Demon Prince is usually reserved for archfiends who control their own layer.) Fho can be described as somewhat hot headed and has a napoleon complex. Also kind of incompetent. He tries to act cool and menacing, but all it takes is someone mentioning either a higher power, or how he doesn’t have a lot of territory or followers and he will lose his cool. This will cause him to act brash, lash out at those insulting him and maybe whine and complain. Despite his quirks, he is still technically an archfiend which makes him a dangerous and calculating foe. His somewhat numerous agents are all pretty fanatical to him, and his more powerful “general” are really just balors who good friends of his. They tend to shoot the shit on weekends and go to more powerful archfiends places and knock over their garbage bins. Because of this he tends to have a lot of eyes and usually knows whatever’s going on, whenever it is, so long as he has a follower there.

Being basically a souped up Balor, Fho has all the powers of a balor, but they are probably a bit stronger than a standard balor’s moves. He will also have a number of other moves, both custom and also related to reality shifting. Maybe he can create rifts at will, or he can shunt someone out of reality for a short period of time, removing them from the battle for X rounds.


Around the time that the players start adventuring (perhaps a bit earlier) the Archfiend is surfing the tv at home bored out of his mind. He has constant links to his minions who are out looking for ways for Fho to increase his power. Just as he found something he wanted to watch, he became aware of his minion simply vanishing. This struck him as odd, because he didn’t feel him die. He simply… disappeared. Finally Fho decided to leave his lair and headed to where his minion vanished, an ancient Raumathari ruin called the ring of blue fire, so called because during the spell plague blue flames shot up from the area.

(Note: Maybe need to change the location, or change the story, or something because this would mean Fho would have to travel to Faerun, which demons don’t usually do all willy nilly unless someone summons them. Maybe he sends his greatest minion there?)


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