Between Two Worlds

Railroading FTW

Why can't they stop killing my plot hooks?!


Allie, Elizabeth
Missing: Brittany

The players decided to continue heading to the capital of Thay despite several warnings about liches and other scary things there. The PCs ran into a group of assassins on the way and these assassins fougth pretty hard. The players were weakened a bit but not deterred. They found a note on the assassins saying "Don't let the players follow me to the anomaly to the North" at which point the PCs finally decided to stop annoying the DM and head back into their empire.

They made a brief stop at their castle and told the boy they had bought to make the castle nicer. They gave him 1000 gp to do so and are paying him 1gp per day.

They received the emmisary and found out about the cube and are now heading to the cube. They fought the purple worm ambush on the way.


marshallw DDragon

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