Get Sanel Onunen


The goal of this quest is to get the PCs to rescue Sanel Onunen. Sanel is being held by the cultists off in Thay. Cultists dont' know political boundaries!


Jot note ideas so far:

  • Quest into Thay

    • Is c​​​​​​rossing the border a big deal?
    • Are there Red Wizards or undead patrolling the border?
  • Sanel is being held in a mountain fortress

    • The mountain fortress is obviously full of cultists

      • Encounters will be all sorts of cultist types as this place has some higher level cultists in it
      • Demons will also be scattered about the encounters
    • Inside the fortress is a large hollowed out area in which a temple actually exists

      • This is where Sanel actually is
      • Run into more resistance
      • Find Sanel in a library not really under guard

        • If PCs attack Sanel, hand wave their attacks and have him beg for mercy
        • He has gone crazy and they don't feel they need to guard him anymore as he is content just being around the books

          • One "guard" who is sleeping in a chair in a remote corner of the library
        • Went crazy from torture of demons when trying to get information from him
        • He will come with the players without much of a fight, just perhaps a bit crazy and basically eliminates the ability to stealth about
      • As the PCs are about to escape

        • Sanel mentions a portal stone somewhere in the temple that he very lucidly says needs to be destroyed

          • The stone is the site of an obvious ambush as the cultists protect the most important thing in their temple
          • Good way to introduce destroying of stone stuff to players maybe make them ask questions
      • Temple room ideas:

        • Portal Room

          • If players go here at first they don't see cultists but after Sanel tells them to destroy the stone they do see cultists
          • The stone is sitting in the middle and currently not activated, perhaps upon return it does activate?
        • Summoning chamber (where Demons come into the temple)
        • Sacrifice chamber

          • blood, perhaps undead (this is Thay after all)
        • Living quarters

          • Cultists playing cards, studying books on horrible topics. Hey, even cultists need to relax
        • Council room
        • Grand audience chamber

          • Large chair raised way above ground level at the top of some stairs
        • Kitchen / Meal room

          • Some normal looking food, some disgusting
        • Torture Chamber

          • Implements everywhere
          • If we don't want Sanel in the library, he could be here still on a torture rack
        • Prison

          • Humans, dwarfs, (etc) and celestials 
          • Holding some captives that may know a bit about Sanel
      • Cavern system ideas

        • Something evil lives in the cavern?
        • BALROG (or something equivalent)

          • Isn't controlled by Pho, perhaps it is his more primal brother?
          • Chained up in a large pit

            • If PCs go into pit, gets so agitated that it breaks it's chains and fights them
            • I'm thinking Destiny style after one of the strikes
    • Traps

      • Cultists primarily trap the cavern system around the castle as they don't want to trap where they live. It sucks living on edge never knowing when your own traps will kill you.
      • Lava vents that shoot up randomly during fights
      • Loose rock that may cause PCs to fall into lava
      • Rock slide if too much noise
    • Perhaps we introduce Amett Greylock, "The Herald" here too?

      • Probably just by mention. If the players see him, they'll likely try to take him on

0. Getting the quest


Quest giving Details

This quest can be gained in one of several ways. 

  • The players find a cultist in their latest adventure who blabs on the secret location of their base.
  • Perhap the king tells the players he hears of disturbing reports of an organized gang in Thay?  (But then why would he care if they're in Thay?)
  • Perhaps the players go on a new mission when they hear about more cult attacks, and this time maybe they leave someone alive?

    • The cultists have a secret stronghold, one of many

      • The cultists have a prisoner in the stronghold that may be able to shed light on what the cultists are doing

Crossing the border (optional)

Whereas the Rasheman empire contains plains and fully of deep wilderness, the Thay empire is notably different.   Thay is surrounded by mountain ranges, and much of the land is barren.  As you delve deeper into Thay you spot in the distance the glint of metal helmets heading in your direction.  

Normally crossing borders isn't a problem for players; most countries don't really care about the travels of a small group of adventurers, so long as they're not going to cause issues.  Thay won't care about the players if they cross the border, especially since the border is so long, but in the future as their fame as lords of this keep grow this will change.  (What are lords of an enemy's keep doing crossing the border?)

  • If one group is way ahead we can slow them down by having guards come across them.  Border patrols are a thing, and a patrol will happen across the players say, a half hour after crossing the border.  Being Thay and being evil they will stop the players and demand to know what they are doing and where they came from.  The players can bluff the patrolmen, they can fight them (in which case I'd say roll up 4 level 10 soldiers for the fight) They can "bend" the truth (or dance around it) Or they can tell the soldiers the truth.  If they lie/bluff the DC would be about 15 (moderately difficult but not impossible)  At which point the soldiers will tell them to finish their business quickly and be gone.  But if the players tell them the truth they will demand the players turn around and leave Thay.  What happens in Thay is not the concern of other countries, and attacking a "cult" in Thay could have far reaching repercussions.  The guards will then attempt to escord the players out of Thay, forcefully if needed.  Once again the players can then try to bluff/escape them/fight them.  If they do a check the DC will be higher this time as the guards are suspicious, say DC 17.  

Approaching the Keep (optional)

The closer you get to the 

The keep is in the Sunrise mountains, a mountain range that goes north/south from Thay all the way to the Rasheman empire.  As the players cross the mountains to get to the keep, they may come across an optional encounter of the local wildlife.  As they travel along the mountain paths they hear a cry from above them.  As they look up several Behirs leap down; one in front of them and one behind them.

The Behirs should start off the combat on either side of the party.  They begin with softening up the party with their breath attacks.  They they'll each grapple someone and attempt to swallow them.  They will then rinse and repeat with grappling and swallowing until there is no one left.  

This may kill someone.


Finding the keep (optional)

Though you've been told where the hideout is, the mountain could easily hide a castle and you'd never notice.  Careful investigation will be needed to find what you're looking for.

This is another optional quest to get to the keep.  This one involves looking for and finding the keep once they got to where it is.  The players will need to succeed on a few checks in order to find it.  

I'd recommend trying to fit maybe 1-3 checks/spells into this depending on how well they do.  DC would be something low like 14.  Maybe automatic success on a 20 or something.  For each successful check you make describe how they narrow down the list of possible locations or eliminate other locations.  Possible checks are:

  • Perception

    • Seeing if they can see anything out of the ordinary, see any spots that look like it could house a keep
  • Investigation

    • Use their investigative clues to find such as foot prints, heavy traffic or anything to suggest human activity or whatnot.
  • Survival

    • Also checking for foot prints, etc.
  • Spells

    • Peter can talk to plans, they can tell him where the cave isn't I guess.  Other spells can help find it, but as it's very well hidden they may not find it still; use your best judgement in determining whether their spells will find it or not.  

Cave to the Keep

There's no doubt about it.  This deep, dark cave appears to be the stronghold you've heard about.  While it doesn't look like there's much there, who knows what lurks within?

First Passage

As you enter the dark chamber you hear the gentle lapping sound of water.  Leaning over the edge of a cliff you see only darkness.  Further on in the cave you see a steady red glow.  The smell of brimstone mixes with the stale smell of water in an odd way.

In this room there is a pool of water about 70 feet down.  The only way out of this chamber is to the north or into the water.  If they go into the water they'll notice there is a shore to the left which leads to a hidden chamber.  

On ledges along the roof of this chamber are several Salamanders in hiding.  (DC 16)

If the players don't see them, the Salamanders get a surprise round.  After all the players enter and look around (maybe after some of them jump into the pool or walk north?) They'll attack.  

Hidden Passage

The water is surprisingly deep and warm.  As you come up for air you feel something slimy brush against your leg…

The slimy thing is really an Aboleth.   (optional if you want)

Once a player enters the water the Aboleth will attempt to charm the player.  If that fails, they will attempt to hit them and disease them so they can't leave the water, and then attempt to kill them.  If the players kill the Aboleth and check the bottom of the pond (about 30 feet deep of water, they will also find it's much bigger underwater the the surface would suggest) they will find plenty of bones at the bottom and plenty of rotten and rusty equipment.  However with a proper check (DC 16 perception or if they have a light source they'll see a reflection) they'll find a dancing greatsword at the bottom.  The sword has a green handle and a number of flourishes not normally seen on a weapon.

If by any chance the players kill the Aboleth or make it to shore before the Aboleth does anything, the next passage has several troglodytes living here.  (4 of them)   The troglodytes only speak very rough common; as in only a few words.  they also speak Troglodyte.

As you walk further into the cave you see several makeshift tents set up.  Standing among the smoldering remains of a campfire you see several creatures standing amongst each other, discussing something in hushed whispers.

At some point 4 cultists fell into the water and were killed and washed onto the shore of the cavern, and the troglodytes are arguing over the remains of them.  Though the cultists don't have much among them (their uniforms and about 300 gold in total) the players may want to bargain with the troglodytes. Or kill them.   If the players bargain successfully with the troglodytes, they will also tell them that the stupid humans have a underground building in the caves further in the burney burney stuff.  (lava)  The passage to the place is trapped, but there is a side passage the humans can't get to that would get past all the traps.  They will also mention that the building seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

If the players kill the troglodytes and loot the room, they'll find 2100 cp, 710 sp, 70 gp, star rose quartz (50 gp)  Potion of Mind Reading, Potion of Superior Healing and a scroll of Resilient Sphere.  

Lava Room

The red glow intensifies as you walk forward until you step into a room filled with lava surrounding an island.  Two bridges lead to and away from it.  Standing on the island, arms crossed is some sort of demonic skeleton creature.   On the walls of this room, circling the chamber are a number of chains with manacles on them.  On the other side of the bridge you see two other demons standing there; one with horns while another is covered in chains.

First off, the chains and manacles go all the way until the mouth of the cave.  With that out of the way, as the players approach the devil will tell them to stop and that they should leave or they will die.  If the players have the clothes from the other cultists he will look at them with narrowed eyes and tell them that he wasn't aware of any parties returning at this time.  The players can try to bluff them with a DC 16 bluff check or something else if they wish.  Otherwise any checks needed to be made will be much higher.  (DC 24… demons are not easily fooled.)  If they succeed on their checks the demons will let them pass, and will mention that they need to turn off the traps first.  

Once the demons realize what the players are trying to do (if the players failed their rolls or whatnot) they will attack.  The horned devil will stay at range and will hurl fire at the closest players.  The chain devil will animate the chains on the walls and attack the players with them.  The bone devil will wait for the players to approach, and if they don't will approach himself and multiattack.  

Meanwhile lava will spew in this room.  At the start of the round there is a 50% chance lava will spew up.  Roll a d10 and have that lava square spew lava.  (I'd start at the top left and go left to right in lava tiles, roll a higher die or lower as necessary, i'm not sure how many lava squares there are…) Anyone caught in the lava plume takes 10d6 fire damage unless they succeed on a DC 16 reflex save.  Anyone 5 feet away needs to make a DC 16 reflex save or take 5d6 damage.  (Half on either one)  

Once they win the players will find 

  1. 16000 gp, 1500 pp, Black opal (1000 gp), Blue sapphire (1000 gp), 2 x Fire opal (1000 gp), Opal (1000 gp), 4 x Star ruby (1000 gp), 2 x Yellow sapphire (1000 gp), and a featureless iron rod about 1 foot long.  

Little do these players know that the rod is magical, and is in fact a lesser rod of cancellation.  (from older editions)  While it won't drain magical items, it can cancel one magical effect.  (This rod is in fact the off switch for the force wall compactor trap.)  If the players make their check to determine what it is say that they're not sure as it's not a magical they've ever come across or heard of, but they feel that this may be able to cancel certain magical effects.  Or something along that line.

Hidden passage to the left

The passage glows a sinister dark red as you enter.  The only sounds are the echoing shuffle of your feet and the steady drop if water…

To the south a Medusa is hiding.  (DC 16)

If the players head south they will see what they first think are several cultists, but will then realize that they are statues of the cultists.  Something among the cultists will then stir and look right at them saying something like, "join my collection dearrrrriesssssss!", forcing anyone looking at them to make con save throws (dc 14)

If they dig into the statues and whatnot they will find: Figurine of Wondrous Power (silver raven), +1 Weapon (longbow)

If the players win the battle they will come up to a cliff about 20 feet above the main floor in a large chamber.  

Passage to the right

This passageway is trapped.

Force Wall Compactor Trap

Halfway throughout the passageway there is a magical trigger where passing this point triggers force walls to spring up at either end of the passage way.  The wall of force is air tight and will turn corners.  This trigger is a large magical circle which is pretty obvious to see (DC 12 to spot, don't show it until they make the check).  To the right is a very narrow passage the players can walk that gets them past the force trap which they will have to pass individually.  (DC 15 dex to cross it without anyone triggering it).  Alternatively if the players tap the sigil with the iron rod from earlier or if they hit it with a disintegration spell it will dispell the trap.  Any other attempt to tinker with the trap will set it off.  Once the force walls are in place they will slowly move 5 feet every round towards each other, basically turning this chamber into a large magical garbage compactor.  Anyone 5 feet or closer from the edge of the force wall can make a DC 16 dex save to jump out of the trash compactor.  Anyone else is trapped inside.  

This wall cannot be dispelled and nothing physical can hurt it.  It extends onto the ethereal plane.  the only way to destroy it is either use the lesser rod of cancellation the players will have found earlier, or hit the wall with a disintegration spell.  

If the players don't make it, the wall deals 24d10 damage (yes, it's a deadly level 17 trap) and then vanishes.  The magic sigil vanishes too.  (You said that you didn't want to pull punches, Nathan!)

Main Chamber

The passage mouth opens up to a large cavern.  The ceiling is further than you can see, and all around you there are crumbling and broken pillars and the like.  At the end of the cavern, out of place is a large building, The building is quite odd to look at, as it almost seems like the building was merged with the stone wall.  Marching about are multiple cultists. 

This is the main cave that houses the building.  There are 5 cultists about, the knights and acolytes from earlier.  If the players set off the trap the cultists will be ready for the players for a fight and will have summoned their boss, a Marilith.

Otherwise they will be milling about and the Marilith will not be summoned.  Position them in a way that players could sneak past them if they wanted to, or fight them.  Their choice.  If the playesr fight them, on round 1 the Cultists will summon a Marilith to help them fight.  


The Keep itself

The Entrance

After entering through the double doors, you see

This is the entrance. The only thing of note is a statue at the end of the room.  It is a gold statue of FoFuSaq with glowing red eyes.  It has been enchanted so that the head follows the players around as they walk around the room… all of them.  

Chapel Area

The pews can be used as half cover.  There are several cultists in here.  Coincidentally there are 2 knights at the front and 2 acolytes will chuck spells at the players.  There is also a Vrock chilling like a villian in the left most corner who will join in the fight against the players.  This should be relatively tough becuase the players have to cross lava to get to the acolytes.  

Before the Lava Pool

Right Storage area

This room appears to be a storage room. There are several boxes along the walls and a corner filled with large jars.

This is only a storage area with hipster stuff.  There will be boxes of beanies, suspenders, skinny jeans, vinyl records, and vegan food.  

In the jars will be craft beers each labeled different.  but they will all taste the same.  

Lava pit room

Sitting around a large hole in the floor are 3 cultists. They seem to be having a good time and one of them is holding a long stick with a white cylinder on the end (DC 15 perception reveals immediately that it is a marshmallow). You can hear snippets of what they are saying:

Knight 1: "Man, I'm glad that J'ni'fer (A'lix'ya for Nathan) are gone now. They weren't cool. They didn't appreciate me for my unique talents!"
Acolyte:  "Hahah, what are you talents Nodnal?
Knight 2: [Giggles]
[Insert more complaining about demons]

Inside this room are 2 knights and 1 acolyte.  They are sitting on logs around a pit of lava, bitching about the cold and keeping warm by the lava.  One of them is roasting marshmallows over the lava pit.  Upon the players entering they will eat their marshmallows quickly, but the players will get a free round because they're too distracted because they burned their mouths because they didn't wait for their marshmallows to cool down first.  Upon beating them the players will find a bag of marshmallows on the ground.  

If they players attempt to interrogate them, they will tell the players (after plenty of coercion) that this temple didn't exist here before, and it seemingly appeared overnight.  (so where did it come from?) They will also talk up Jeremiah: They will tell him that with a swipe of his tool he can wipe out a cultist from the keep (he bans them) and that even demons keep away from him.  (Because he's so boring.)  

Staircase room

As you walk into the room your eyes are overwhelmed with a bright red glow.  The heat of the room is blistering, and each step into the room is a herculean effort.  In the middle of the room is a staircase leading up scorched black from lava that's spewed out of the pit.  Beyond that is a large field of lava, bubbling and sizzling.  A few small islands of regular floor are sparsely spaced in the field of lava.  Beyond the field is lava is another room with a staircase leading up.  Blocking your way are several Vrocks, and on the other side of the lava field are cultists and quasits, ready to fight.

In this room there is a big pit of lava, and a staircase going upwards.  There are 2 vrocks guarding this room.  On the far side are several smaller demons and some acolytes who will pelt the players with spells.  

There will also be 5 quasits flying around in the lava.  These quasits have a ranged fire attack which deals 1d4+3 damage on hit.

Pew Room

Broken Pews are scattered throughout the room, which glows red from the large lava pool from the hole in the floor.  There are three Pews still in decent shape, and in each of them is a cultist sleeping in each one.  Walking along the floor are many dretches that are lazily walking about.

This room has 3 cultists in it; the far pew has an acolyte while the other two have knights.  As the players enter the Dretches should easily see them (unless the players take measures to sneak in)  They'll screech which will wake up the knights and acolyte and begin a battle.

If the players attempt to interrogate the cultists, they'll tell them some basic information; the place is filled with lava, and they usually try to avoid it.  They're not sure where the place came from, they were merely told to come to this hideout location.  They were quite surprised to find a church down here.  They will also smile, and start to talk up their leader, Jeremiah.  How he stands 7 feet tall, wield spiked armor and a thorned whip, how he is merciless towards his enemies, etc.  

Chest Room

This small room is completely isolated from the rest of the keep, the floor before it crumbling into the lava pit long ago.  Only a few precarious inches of floor lies before the door, tempting anyone to try to make their way to it.

This door leads to a small room with a chest.  Getting to it is difficult indeed.  If they decide to jump it, they will need to balance on the ledge, a 16 Acrobatics Check.  The door here is unlocked, but the chest isn't.  If they make it to a chest, the check to unlock it is 15.  

Inside the chest is 2 potions of Supreme healing, and 2 potions of Storm giant Strength.

After the Lava Pit

Room with Table and chairs and Barrels

A sweet smell permeates the room as you enter.  This room is filled with a variety of instruments and foreign ingredients.  A man is fiddling with a barrel, his back turned to you.  The man is somewhat rotund with a large beard that you can easily make out despite his back being turned to you.   He doesn't seem to notice you as you enter.  Lining the walls are a wide variety of bottles filled with many different liquids.

This is the brewery for the cult, where they brew all their craft brews.  The brewmaster isn't a fighter, and if attacked will probably die.  

AC: 12

HP: 10

He is brewing a number of beers, but the players don't immediately know that; a DC 14 investigation check (or similiar) will tell them that this room is actually a brewery.  If the players don't kill him, the brewmaster won't attack them, and will probably offer them some of his brew in exchange for not killing him.  All of the beer are "experiments" that is, has a number of ingredients you normally wouldn't put in beer (but a hipster would) such as smoked meat and cheese in the porter for a smoked porter, or Amber ale with actual Amber in it.  The Coffee Stout has coffee grounds in the bottom of the bottles for maximum authenticity.  

Left most room

In this room are a number of dummies set up for training.  If the players get 5 feet away from the dummies (or if the players hit the dummies) the dummies will hit back and yell anti-hipster insults, seemingly to train them against verbal and nonverbal assault.  They'll yell things like, 

"That topknot is the cultist equivalent of the mullet!"

"I'm going take that scarf and strangle you with it!"

"You give lumberjacks a bad name!"

Right room with lava over the entrance

nothing here but the lava; the players would have to get over the lava pit.

Right most room: 

This room is difficult to get in due to the fact that the door is over top of lava.  If they try to open the door manually, they will need to make a DC 13 acrobatics check to keep their balance since they have to lean over lava in order to open it.  Nothing is in that room.  

From there is another unlocked room with a sleeping guard.   He's just sleeping away in this room.  In this room are 4 adventurers, rather low level and incompetent.  (Choose 4 charactesr for your group)  They are:

Garndarf: The wizard with an intelligence score so low he can't actually cast spells.  He became a wizard because everyone figured he was too stupid to be a wizard.  

Lena: The lawyeristic cleric.  She has a notion that all clerical services should be for profit, and therefore refuses to heal anyone unless they can pay for it or have inn-sewer-ants.  (insurance)  She will also require her clients to fill out a medical payment and liability waver before healing anyone.

Screamy the bard: Not his real name, but years ago his vocal cords were damaged, and so he can't actually talk.  All he can do is scream.  He is attempting to start up a new genre of bard music called "death Ars Antiqua."  where he jams on his lute as hard as he can and screams.  None of his teammates think it will catch on.

Heskar the barbarian: Heskar is a large stereotypical barbarian with one caveat; he's asthmatic.  Whenever he goes into a rage he spends a lot of time screaming.  (This pleases screamy; he consider Heskar to be his biggest fan.)  Unfortunately the exertion of screaming and raging always forces Heskar to pull out his inhaler part way through his rage.  

Robin the Paladin: Robin is rather cowardish.  robin likes to make a big show of being brave and strong, but the moment things start to go backwards, Robin will run away.  If it seems like things are going to go south for Robin, (or if things seem a bit scary) robin will usually scream and faint.

Fenix the Fighter: Fenix is a lumberjack.  The party attempted to use his cultist-like looks to infiltrate the cult, but unfortunately Fenix blew his cover when he was willing to get his hands dirty, something no hipster would do.  The rest of the party got captured trying to rescue him.  Fenix is the de facto leader of the party, but he is also basically the lumberjack from monty python, in that he isn't really manly and in fact is rather effeminate.  He never wanted to be a fighter… he really wanted to be a lumberjack.

Library room:

Sanel is iin here rambelling to himself.  There is a guard in the corner sleeping.

Random sentence generator for nonsense that Sanel will spout:


Center is a demon lord that got caught that is being bullied by smaller demons.  When the players arrive he will try to get the players to help him escape. Smaller demons wil fight the party, the big demon will buff the party during the ensuing fight with the minor demons in an attempt to convince the party to help him escape.

After the fight is complete, the Demon (Dreoron) will offer the party very specific rewards that will be hard for them to turn down. Unfortuantly, none of these rewards will actually do as the players expect.

Kyne – Promise: A sword left behind by a powerful paladin that died in the demon's domain. Actual: A toy sword that the paladin carried with him as a reminder of his dead son that was killed by the demon in the circle.
Lana - Promise: "You, as I sense you appreciate stealth, I will give you a ring with power over visibility and perception". Actual: When activated, the ring will turn invisible on the wearer's hand.
Cerys – Promise: "You, Warlock, I will give you a rod that will greatly increase your potency in battle!". A magical rod that will greatly increase your potency as a warlock. Actual: A rod that makes Cerys smell bad.
Enshael – Promise: "You, demon spawn, I will increase the might of your physical form!" Upgrade his physical form to make him more powerful. Actual: Gives him slightly larger wings.
Truffle – Promise: "Wizard, I shall provide you with the knowledge of a spell that controls time itself" Teach Truffle a level 9 spell Time Stop. Actual: Stop time for 1d4+1 rounds… but only for Truffle. She is still vulnerable to attacks for these rounds.
Degenel – Promise: "You, barbarian full of rage, I shall provide you with a special set of armor with magical powers" Plate Armor of Etherealness. Actual: The armor is ethereal. All non ethereal weapons pass right through it.
Duck – Possibly the same as Degenel?

Left Bedroom

One of them (room the left) has guys sleeping. Players can do the usual things to sleeping people.

Right Bedroom

As you enter the bedroom you see a cultist struggling into armor. He looks up as you enter eyes wide and lets out a little squeak. "Hey guys, do you mind coming back later?" he asks, flashing what you presume is his most charming smile.

This cultist is putting on his armor because he heard the fighting in main room (or below, etc). He will not put up much of a fight if the players try to kill him because he isn't armored. He is also limited in movement because his armor is only partly on. If only putting on heavy armor didn't take so darn long!

Players can interrogate this cultist if they like, he knows the same as any cultist would in the keep. They serve Pho'Fu'Saq and they are guarding a high value target to make sure he doesn't escape. This knight doesn't know who the target is because he hasn't been selected for guard duty yet. Only the most senior cultists (or those who are friends of Jerimiah) get that duty.


Jerimiah is in this room. He is an inept fighter who fights with a whip that he is not actually proficient with.  (He has the whip only as a show of strength; he's actually a pacifist.) He was selected the leader of this cult for his administrative abilities only.

Jerimiah is currently working on some administrative paperwork. He is attempting to figure out ways that he can save his cult a few dollars by deducting pay to his employees for minor transgressions. This is Jerimiah's true evil coming into play.

AC 16
2 attacks per action
Attacks: Whip, Range 10ft, +1 attack roll, 1d4 – 1, if he misses his target, 25% chance that he'll hit himself instead. If he hits himself, his round ends as he acts upset he got hit
HP: 60 (he isn't a COMPLETE pushover)

Balcony Rooms

They aren't balconies! Just a good way to describe them ;-)  (Actually I originally intended them to be balconies, but they didn't turn out very balcony-like. :P)


Inside this room are some other forms of entertainment for hipsters. On the teable in the left one there is a game that the PCs can recognize (DC 15 check) as being a really old game that was popular a long time ago. It fell out of popularity because it simply isn't all that fun but people who still play it think that it proves their intellectual and cultural superiority over others.


Covering almost every square inch of the walls of this room are paintings of various things. None of these paintings are particularly pleasing to your eye. On the right of the room is a single chair that looks like it is well used.

This is the art gallery. All the paintings are ugly but an inspection of them (DC 10) and the players will recognize they are all very technically challenging and have advanced techniques in them. The chair is used by the most hipster of hipsters to contemplate these pictures and think about how awesome they are.

Differences in the World






  • Sanel Onunen will hang out at the castle and give them tidbits of information as well as eventually help them out more

Impact on the World


  • CR 5 Fire Elemental -
  • CR 1 Fire Snake -
  • C 5 Magma Paraelemental -
  • CR 1/2 Magma Mephit -
  • CR 5 Cambion -

    • Servants such as Succubus
  • CR 17 Red Dragon -
  • CR 4 Red Dragon Wyrmling -
  • CR 10 Stone "Magma" Golem -

    • Stone Golem flavoured to shoot out molten rock that cools just before hit or something
  • Foul Magic making normal critters all fiery
  • Mountain Creatures -

    • CR 11 Roc -

Get Sanel Onunen

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