Between Adventures

As the players adventure, they're going to be starting and finishing a lot of adventures.  It'd be a good idea to have things happen between quests, so it's not just a bunch of quests stringed one after another.  To that end, here is a list of random things to have happen between adventures.  I recommend when an adventure ends, choose an event at random (or an event you want to run) and make sure your players met the requirements to trigger it.  

The Thay Army intercepts the party

On the party's way back from attacking the cultists, on the way back from a distance away they can see a large group of soldiers in their path.  No matter the party's attempts to get past the soldiers the soldiers seem to be able to track them.  It turns out they have a wizard's apprentice with enough spells and wands to track the party down.  

It turns out one of the soldiers survived the party's assault, and they reported it to one of the Wizards of Thay.  He demanded an army be sent to kill the party, but the Red Wizard decides to try to hire the party for various jobs.  He sent a small contingent of soldiers and one of his apprentices to help out.  The apprentice will pitch the proposal, with the threat that they are technically officials of Rashemen, and they violated the border and unprovokedly attacked soldiers of Thay, an act that could lead to war if the Rashemen empire doesn't hand over the party to trial in Thay.  

If the party accepts, the apprentice will give them a small mirror and tell them that they'll get in contact with the party when they need work done.  Otherwise they'll attack the party if they refuse.

The party consists of: 

1 Wizard (Beatrice) (14th level)

2 Clerics (12th level)

15 Fighters (10th level)

7 of the fighters start off with swords, shields.  The other 8 are around the party with crossbows which they level at the party.  When the party wins, Thay will hold a grudge against the party; they will occasionally attack the party or interfere with their plans.

Ratmen's unrest

Requirements: Wererat people are alive, the players gave them something to be unhappy about.

After the players get back from their adventure, they are approached by the new representative of the wererats.  (Since I believe Ronald and Donald are both dead?)  They will tell the players that the rat people are unhappy about something: 

Work isn't working out

The players put the wererats to work, but they're not happy with the work they're doing, or the work they're doing isn't going in their favor.  (e.g. the players decided to have them collect taxes, but the tax collection isn't working out.  The villagers are not used to paying taxes, and are very unhappy about having to pay for virtually nothing and most of the villagers are refusing to pay anything, forcing some of the rat people to rough them up.  Or maybe the wererats are unhappy because the villagers think that the rats are nothing more than thugs who are trying to extort cash out of the villagers by pretendign to be tax collectors.

Wererats are unhappy with the renovations

The players are renovating the castle, fixing it up, etc. and the wererats are unhappy with it.  They worked hard to make all the little holes, build nests etc. and the workers are destroying all their hard work!

Wererats are unhappy with their treatment

The wererats aren't being treated with the respect they deserve, and want more respect.


The rats are happy with the resolution, and give the players some of the trinkets they collected.   (bag with 7 beans, 5 buttons, Silver Raven figurine of wonderous power.)

Cobbler comes to town

Requirement: haven't met the crime lord.

Marshall's campaign only:

A day or two after the players return to their castle, there is a knocking at their door.  It turns out to be the Crime Lord (name unknown?)  who is pretending to be a mere cobbler/tailor.  He wears fine if plain clothes, is thoroughly balding and wears a cloak that smells faintly of brimstone.  He heard the keep was under new rulers, and came to offer his services by maintaining the shoes/clothing of those who live in the keep.  (He's looking for work.)  Realistically what he figured was that this would be a great place to rule his crime empire.  He also figured that he could keep an eye on the players, to coordinate his empire around them as a smooth crime empire ideally works around the heroes rather than through them.   If some players who were in the other group accuse him of being the crime lord, he will be confused and try to act like he has no idea what they're talking about. 

If the players accept his service, over the next couple of weeks they'll notice odd things with him.  Sometimes he'll be missing for a day or two, people will show up around the keep whom the players have never seen before, the cobbler is talking in hushed whispers seemingly to himself.  

If the players confront him about it, he will tell them the truth; he is so grateful for the work the players gave him that he is working on really fancy clothing and uniforms for the players and the workers in the keep.  He will actually have the uniforms and outfits, prepared ahead of time to help keep suspicion off of him.  In reality he's actually running his empire.  

If the players eventually confront him and figure out what he does or if they decide to attack/imprison him, he'll use his cloaks ability which lets him dimension door once per day. Then he'll use dust of disappearance which lets him go invisible for 2d4 minutes.

In the meantime, he'll occasionally offer advice and information about the area.  If the players are stuck or need hints, he may tell them some old stories, or where they should go or something, basically help him out.  Slightly hint that he is far more knowledgeable than he appears to be.

The Crime Lord comes to town

Requirement: has met the crime lord.

Nathan's campaign only:

A day or two after the players return to their keep, the Crime lord shows up for a visit.  He hopes that the information he gave the players was useful, and came to pay a respectful visit… and to ask for a favor.  In some of his towns a new thieves guild has showed up and started causing disturbances by stealing things, demanding tribute, etc.  It's upsetting the delicate balance the crime lord has built up over time.  He won't take action against it because first of all it would probably involve open warfare which would throw the thieve's guild in an open light, and secondly if people hear about it they'll think it's gang on gang violence.  BUT.  If a group of adventurers got a tip off and took out this guild, well, no one would think anything of it.  The players will undoubtedly demand some kind of payment and he will say that he thinks that the information he gave them earlier was payment enough.  But if players push for more, he will say he is willing to make a nice donation to the keep itself if they do the work.   

From that point onward the players will start on a quest which would probably involve going to the towns, gathering information, investigating, possibly putting out traps or honeypots, finding the thieve's guild lair and eventually disbanding the thieves guild, whether it be peacefully or violently.  This is probably a session long miniquest.

The king demands tribute

requirement: none

When the players return, they have a message left for them.  One of the king's tax collectors have arrived, and while he hopes the players have been making good use of the keep, he states that the players owe 500 gp in taxes to the iron king.  If the players have been collecting taxes from the region (such as using the rat people as collectors) they will have to get the taxes from the rats before handing over the taxes.  If the players haven't been collecting taxes, they'll have to pay out of pocket.  

If the players have been collecting taxes, they will have collected about 1000 gp worth of money from the neighboring farmers/villagers and whatnot.  

If the rat people are collecting, they may start hording the cash and only hand out some of it.  The players can try to figure out if the wererats are holding out on them, and get the last bit of cash the wererats aren't giving them.

The adventuring party

Requirement: Have rescued the adventuring party in the cultists keep

The adventuring party has come by, requesting work.  They're thoroughly incompetent and misfits, but somehow keep on succeeding, even on sure death quests or non-quests.  The players can either make them go away, send them on a real quest, or send them on a fool's errand.  If they make them go away, that's it.  They're sad, but figure the players probably don't have a real quest for them and so go away.  If they send them on a real quest or on a fool's errand, they'll leave extremely happy and will return in a week or two with news of some kind of success.  (e.g. if the players send them to slay a powerful demon in the middle of a mountain, they won't find the demon but will fall into a lost cave network with a dead dragon inside and a treasure horde, and they sent the players a chunk of the gold as thanks or something)

The great adventure

While the players are in their keep, they'll be startled to see an old man, wizened wearing worn robes with long hair/facial hair walking through their keep inspecting things, looking around, trying the food, etc.  If the players ask him what he's doing and who he is, he'll say he is Diam (pronounced Dee-em) and he's here to take the players on an adventure.  He'll then tell the players that he knows who the players are and what they're after, and he knows where to go next.  

If the players go with him he'll head towards the mountains. (the misty ones)  The players will encounter villagers along the way who will make comments towards Diam.  (stuff like "hey Diam."  "On another adventure, are you?"  "Have fun Diam!")  

Diam will proceed to take the players around the mountains and will act like he knows exactly where he's going.  He'll take the players on a number of adventures possibly including: 

  • Coming across a group of orcs whom Diam will chuck pine cones at.  The orcs will be all bored and have a look of "really?"  and just ignore Diam.
  • Encounter a battle between storm giants.  He'll yell at the players to just run as the giants battle on.  The battle is really just the giants having an argument.
  • Come across a group of elves who will recognize Diam and offer him and the party food and drinks.
  • He'll stop, listen and look around, then tell everyone to hide in the bushes, for grave danger was approaching that the party couldn't handle.  If the party agrees, a few minutes later a puppy will walk along the path past the bushes
  • He'll lead the players to an eagle's nest, who seem to recognize and mostly ignore Diam and the party but will let them get close.  Diam claims he helped out the giant eagles earlier and therefore befriended them.
  • Pull out a lantern and guide the players through a cave network

    • Part way through he'll attempt to usher all the players over a stone bridge quickly, and when trying to cross himself will stumble and be hanging off the bridge.  He'll lean up, tell the players to fly, before falling to the bottom… which is about 6 inches down.  After brushing himself off and looking around, he'll start walking back to town.

At this point if the players ask anyone about what's going on with this guy, pretty much anyone will tell them that Diam is just an old man who for some reason believes he's a wizard who's job is to take people on adventures.  Everyone knows him and just plays along.  (His full name? Diam Peacey… DMPC.)

Unrest in Llort's Town

Requirements: Have met Llort

Llort's town is once again having issues with another rodent menace. Llort will come to the PC's castle and ask them for assistance in his town dealing with a rodent menace. He will not mention that these rodents are in fact bunnies. Llort will refer to them as a menace, a plague of rodents that destroy the crops, fast creatures that none of the townfolk can get their hands on. He'll mention that they are a scourge upon the crops, mainly the lettuce, that his town grows. He will request the player's assistance in handling the issue.

The players can try to kill all the rabbits but that will take a very long time since there are many of them. If the players supply the town with poison or something then the town can handle the rabbits themselves. The players may have to travel to one of the larger cities in order to procure this poison.

Theft in the Castle

Requirements: No guards on duty

A theft occurs in the castle.

  • If the players have left food, gold, other supplies, etc a random percent (between 1 and 15) has gone missing.
  • If the castle has workers in it, the workers will have noticed several humans and a halfling pull in on a cart and load it up with stuff

    • Happened 3 days ago
    • The workers in the castle just assumed they were working under the PCs authority because so many people seem to be coming and going these days
    • Workers noticed the thieves heading to the North West
    • The players can attempt to track the cart

      • Followed a relatively unused road (again because none of the roads are really used unless PCs hired someone from that area)
      • Goes down a very rough looking road that is not on the players maps
      • This road leads to a village not on the players map (Altonshire)

        • 100 humans population
        • No guards
        • When players arrive people in the town look very scared and hide
        • People in town know who the players are
        • Players can interrogate (DC 10) /investigate (DC 15) to find out who stole their stuff.
      • If items were stolen from the players, they see that several of the people around town are wearing these items as they ask people about things
      • If players tell crime lord about this, he is very upset and will tell the PCs that he will deal with it

        • Deal with it is kill everyone in the town

Between Adventures

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