Fho Fus Saqs Moms House

When the players finally get into the bottom of the circle of blue flame, they grab a few machines (4 of them) that are odd.  Investigation (DC 12) shows that they have a lid that opens into an opening, and there's a button on the side.   As they're looking at it, Sanel comes up behind them, grabs one and says, my, this is a genius design!  Whomever built it must have been brilliant!  Then he looks into space for a moment and goes "wait… didn't I design this?"  If the players ask him about how he got there, why he's there how he got past the demons he just goes, "Err wha?"

Eventually he goes and rummages through his bag, pulls out a small rock, puts it in and presses a button.  For a few seconds some players disappear, some don't, before everything goes back into focus.  Sanel then goes "hmm, nope, not enough to overcome the multiversal gravitational constant flux."  He then turns to the party and says "Good news everyone!  With this you can defeat my former employer.  As everyone obviously knows, it's his power that's keeping the multiverses together; These stones can overcome that power temporarily, but in order to reverse things entirely you'll need to defeat him.  


When the players leave, they will see that the emissaries have mostly driven off the demons, and Fho looks really frustrated, screaming about how the should bow before their emperor god and they'll never find or harm him, then his illusion disappears.  As he disappears the players can hear something about how tendies are ready.  Meanwhile the emissaries and their guards have pretty much the rest of Fho Fus Saq's cultists all tied up or killed, an dare busy planning their next assault, basically forming the Faerun Alliance.  They're discussing how to scry his location out, how they're going to plane walk their armies in (how many they can planewalk in etc.) 


The players know where he is though; his mom's house.  Next part is going to be played more theater of mind; they will need to find their way to Fho's basement.  


The players know the way; they spend some time travelling there.  it's  a large castle thing.


you arrive at Fho's mom's house.  Unlike the rest of the plane the house is made out of one chunk of obsidian stone.  The stone's reflective manor and lack of obvious edges makes it hard to tell what exact shape the castle is in.  You stand before large steel double doors.  Above the door is a large demon statue carved out of the same obsidian the castle is made of, and no windows are present.  The last time you were here there was a balor standing watch, but this time nothing stands before the doors.  Beneath your feet is a  welcome mat saying: Go Away.

Interactable objects: Welcome Mat, Door, Demon Statue

Fho Fus Saq has sent out his agents (in other words friends) to go out and spread his word and conquer the material plane, leaving his mom's house unprotected.  The walls are featureless with the exception of a large demon motif over the door.  

Door: The door is made out of steel, reinforced with additional riveted steel beams.  The door seems airtight.

Welcome Mat: "It's a welcome mat made out of human skin that has "Go away" burned into it."   there is no key underneath.

Demon Statue: Like the rest of the castle, the statue is made out of solid obsidian.  The head of the demon catches your eye, for the eyes are ruby, the teeth opal. (Investigation DC 14) You can see that the head has visible seams, something you can see nowhere else on the castle.  Twisting on the head reveals it turns, and will open the door.

Front Hallway

Locked, skull key

you walk into the castle, which is surprisingly bright considering the lack of windows and the lack of obvious light sources.  Like the exterior, the floors, walls and ceiling are pure black obsidian, reflecting everything nearby.  A white carpet leads down the hallway, with chairs and tables lining the walls.  There is also a large cabinet along the east side wall. There are wooden doors to the left, and the right.  Beside the door you entered is a key rack with a number of keyrings.   Straight ahead of you are a Marilith and a Nalfashnee looking very surprised at you.  They quickly recover and draw their swords, ready for a fight.

Interactable objects: Carpet, Table, Cabinet, Key rack, East Door, West Door, North Door

At this point call for initiative; there will be immediate combat whether the players are ready for it or not.  If the players investigate the Mariliths after they kill them, they'll find this note: 

Nobody gives me the respect I deserve, so I'll have to take it!  I'm sending all my other soldiers to show Faerun who's in charge and that includes you.  Head to Neverwinter and show Lord Nasher what happens to those who interrupt my speech!

Investigation on the door to the left (DC 14) reveals there is a hidden compartment: They contain Gauntlets of Ogre Power.

Door to the Left: Kitchen

You hit a blistering wall of heat as you enter the room.  In the center a large fire burns, flames dancing around.  A large doglike creature of sorts is tied to a spit overtop of the fire, screaming as it is cooked alive.  A  Marilith wearing a chefs hat tends to the spit, slowy turning it with one hand while the others appear to be preparing a sauce of some sort.  The obsidian walls reflect the flame, giving the illusion of the entire room being on fire.  Along the west wall is a rather small, human sized door.  Pots and pans are stacked on a set of shelves along the west wall along with a spice rack, and there is a sink on the south wall.  The north wall is featureless with the exception of a door.  

Interactable Objects: Fire, Spit, Pots/Pans, Sink, Spice Rack, Small East door, North Door

Marilith: the Marilith pays you no mind, instead opting to measure out some more spices and adding them to her bowl before she continues mixing.  She completely ignores the cries of the creature she is cooking.  (If the players attack the Marilith, the Marilith will fight until it is nearly dead before pleading for its life.  It will let the creature go, give them her treasure (Immoveable rod).  But it won't give them the key to the next door; it claims that betraying Mrs. Saq would bring forth a fate worse than death.   It would take a DC 18 persusasion/intimidate/etc. check to convince them otherwise.  The Marilith's name is morag, and it's the cook for the Saq household.  

Dog-like creature: Raets: When the players get close enough, Raets will beg the players for help, to save it.  It will claim the door ahead is locked, but he stole a key to it and hid it before it was locked.  Freeing him isn't easy; the stake is 15 feet high, and the flame is very hot.  If the players take too long, the dog creature dies.  If they just cut the bonds holding him in place, he falls into the fire and burns to death.  If the players save him, he thanks the players and then gets them the key he hid behind the sink.  

Pots/pans/spices: A number of pots and pans, colored soot black from the large fire,  sit on racks.  Even the smallest of the pots could easily fit one of you.   The spices are somewhat smaller and are quite varied, ranging anywhere from Dusted Nacho Dorito flavor to Oregano.  With perception (DC 16) one of the players notices one of the items has a glint that is out of the ordinary: Dex check of DC 16 and you can reach into what's in there.  It's a wand of sorts, abnormally free of soot in this environment.  It's a +3 wand of the war mage.

Fire: The fire burns incredibly high and hot.  Just standing near it will require constitution checks if they want to stay near unless they have fire immunity.  Small amounts of water being thrown on the fire evaporates before it hits the fire, and large amounts create a large explosion equivalent to a fireball; anyone nearby makes a DC 17 reflex save or take 10d6 points off fire damage.  Perception DC 14 spots a few items at the base of the fire, but it would involve walking into the fire to get it.  If you go inside and grab them you'll pull out several gems.  Most of them are blood rubies, but one of them is an Ioun stone of Mastery.  When they are removed, the fire extinguishes itself.


Hallway North of the Kitchen


A large red rug with yellow lining covers the floor in this hallway.  Two doors line are on the north side of the room, while one door is on the east end.  A mirror is on the west side of the room, and a large, demon face with a gaping maw is a part of the west facing wall. 

Interactable Objects: Mirror, Demon face statue, North East Door, North West door, East Door

We're inverting the standard demon face statue thing here; it's not actually a sphere of annihilation but rather a portal to a small plane of existence.  (basically a closet) 

Mirror: The full length Mirror is quite flawless, with a platinum frame and a flawless reflection.  If someone looks into it, have them make an investigation check.  On DC 14 or higher, they notice that there is a chandelier in the reflection… but when they turn around to look at it themselves, they don't see anything.  

Chandelier: The Chandelier, with hundreds of small expertly cut diamonds and one large set diamond on top, is quite stunning.  Any dispel magic, see invisibility or anything like that will reveal the diamond.   Knocking it down will shatter all the small diamonds, but the large one will remain undamaged.  The large one is in fact a magic diamond, used in a puzzle later on.

Demon face: This green faced horned demon is quite fierce looking indeed.  It's maw open, the inside pitch black.  This demon face is in fact not a sphere of annihilation, but rather a small hole to another pocket plane that just so happens to be pitch black inside; light cannot exist in it.  Poking inside swords, arms or anything reveals it is rather small, but it does contain a bowl made out of quartz.  The inside of it is scorched.  This bowl is in fact used to safely carry the magic fire around; you can use it to carry around the flame.  If the bowl is thrown with the flame in it at an enemy, if it hits it'll deal 15d6 fire damage.  Roll 1d6.  On a 1 or 2, the bowl cracks; on it's next throw the bowl breaks.

North West door: This door is locked, and seems heavier than the other doors.  DC 14 to unlock.

North East Door; The door is incredibly cold to the touch, but is unlocked.

North West Room: The Dungeon

Locked, DC 14

Unlike the rest of this castle, this room is darker than the rest with a heavy air to it.  It is illuminated by a single torch rather than the magic illumination in the rest of the castle.  Iron barred cages line the walls, and at the end of the room, barely shown by the single flickering torch, is a softly sobbing woman whom is chained to the wall.  

Interactable Objects: Torch, Iron Cages, Iron Chains, Sobbing woman

Torch: This torch is out of place in this castle.  you don't remember seeing a torch throughout the entire castle. Investigation (DC 14) reveals that this torch appears to be well fastened to the wall; attempting to move it will open a secret door.

Secret door: A general investigation or perception of the room (DC 16) will show that there are nearly imperceptable outlines of a door along the north wall.  The door is only opened by pulling on the torch.

Chained Woman:  On investigation, the woman reveals that she is a former follower of Pho Phuck Saq who tried to run and warn the rest of the world about him, but was captured and brought here.  If the party unchains her and escorts her out, she will thank them profusely and follow them out.  However she is actually a vampire, and upon everyone turning around, the vampire will turn into one of the party members and use a teleporting rock on them; The rock will teleport them into the living room. (DC 18 will)   The vampire will then try to take the party member's place.  Upon exiting the party member will point out that the woman is gone; she'll point out that the room is very dark and something could have grabbed her.  If some of the party goes bakc into the room, she will then lock the door when there are only two party members left, and will attempt to charm one of them, then kill the other.  Killing her will reveal she has a key to the dungeon, and a tome of understanding.

The Frozen Room


The sheer cold in this room takes your breath away, and you can feel the cold biting through your boots.  The entire room appears to be a storage room of sorts, full of armor, weapons, a key, a chest, but everything is covered with a heavy layer of ice.  The normally reddish glow of the castle is replaced with blue.  As you move around the ice glints, sparkling as you move around.  The only signs of life and movement here is yourselves, and your breath.

Interactable Objects: Ice, Weapons, Armor, Key, Chest

The room is full of ice, and everything in it is covered in ice.  If the players stay too long in this room they start having to make constitution checks; starting at DC 12 after the first few seconds, and after that the DC rises every check.  If they fail, they take 1 point of strength and dex damage (which shortly restores when they leave the room)  and take 3d6 cold damage (and every failed check increases the damage by 1d6)

If the players want they can hack away at the ice in order to free up stuff, but it takes a long time, and they need to make either 20 checks in order to hack away at the ice, or they can try to go through faster; then they take 10 rounds, but there's a 50% chance of destroying the item.  If at any point the player stops and leaves the room, the ice regenerates.  The only item that doesn't get destroyed by it is the chest.  If they get normal fire and try to melt the ice, the fire shrinks and eventually extinguishes in the room.  The only way to melt it permanently is to use the bowl to hold the fire and hold it next to the ice.

Armor: +3 studded leather armor

Weapon: Trident Drown

Key: Chilled Key

Chest: Mimic; AC 18, +10 to attack, legendary action of withdrawl, HP: 150, +5 to all saves, pseudopod can hit weapons, etc. 

Orb: Upon melting everything the players will see an orb; removing it will melt all the ice in the room.

Right Room: Entertainment room


A couch and two chairs which sit on a large throw rug face a comically large crystal ball.  The crystal ball is focused on the circle of blue flame, and the couch in particular is covered in Dorito dust.  Along the west wall sits a large locked chest.  The east wall has a rather crude mural on it.  There is a human sized door on the east wall with a sign on top of it saying, "servants entrance".  There is a door to the north as well.  

Couch: The couch is thoroughly dusty from years of doritos.  (Perception DC 14) You search inside the cushions and find about 3000 gold pieces worth of gold and gems.  There is also a polished stone of good luck.

Chest: The chest is locked with a pretty amazing lock (lock pick DC 20)  Any failed attempts to lock pick it will result in a shock (5d6 electric damage)  It's unlocked by the keys in the main hallway.  Opening it reveals a lot of bags of doritoes.  A further investigation or Perception (DC 18) will reveal that there is a false bottom.  Opening will reveal a staff of the Magi.

Crude Drawing: The drawing appears to be that of a balor with their hand outstretched.  If anyone reads infernal, they will recognize the words on it as "the best mommy"  Investigation of DC 16 or Perception DC 16 will show that something is a bit off about the drawing; the hand is much more detailed than the rest of it.  Detecting magic will show that the hand is magical.   Putting your hand on the demon's hand will open the mural (it's actually a secret door)

Crystal Ball: It's a large stationary crystal ball, weighting several tons.  They were in fashion a few hundred years ago, but everyone's lately going away from crystal to Plasma.If they somehow push it off it will shatter; anyone nearby has to make a DC 16 reflex save or take 10d6 slashing damage from flying shards of crystal.

Secret Room

Locked, secret door

As the door opens, you hear a horrifying screen as a creature flies out of the room and turns to face you.  It's many facial tentacles, bony hands and slouched figure in robes can only mean one thing: Illithid.   If Illithids were undead.  

Interactable Objects: Chest 1, Chest 2, Crawl Space


Once they dispatch the illithilich, the room will have two chests.  

Chest 1: 2 potions of supreme healling, +2 dagger, potion of storm giant strength, +3 Greataxe

Chest 2: Chest 2 has a lock, DC 14 to open.  When opened, it fires a swarm of arrows.  Lots of arrows.  4 attack rolls, +10 to hit, 5d8 damage per hit.  Contents: Staff of Withering, Sword of Sharpness (greatsword), Talisman of ultimate evil

The room is almost featureless, but has a crawl space.

East Door: Servants Hallway 


Stepping into this long hallway is a room much less grandiose than the rest of the castle.  The room is virtually nothing more than a long hallway, small enough for a human to fit but not for something like say, a Balor.  Halfway down the hallway is a disheveled man wearing rags.  He is busy washing the floor facing the other way and doesn't appear to see you.  At the end of the hallway is a door to the east.

Interactable Objects: North West Door, Man in Rags

The man is the former leader of the guild of Fho Fus Saq.  Moving closer to him and he will hear and turn to them, unless they're stealthing.  When he sees them he shouts, "YOU!!!  YOU RUINED EVERYTHING FOR ME!"  And tries to run to get help.  If captured he will tell the party who he is, and give them info.  He will admit that Fho is unkillable now; he can reside just outside the dimension, manipulating it but not being able to be manipulated by it, effectively making him unkillable.  If the party offers to help him (somehow, i don't know how) He will offer some more advice; (insert advice here)

Dining Room

Locked, scorched key

You enter what appears to be a dining room of sorts.  A huge table dominates the room, and sitting at it are a pair of balors, laughing and yelling, eating a variety of foods.  One wears a bandolier and a pony tail, while the other wears a fedora.  The table is filled with meats, doritoes and goblets filled with Mountain Dew.  

Interactable Objects: Dining Room Table, Balors, West Door, Small human sized door to the east, South Door

If the players go through the main entrance: 

As you enter, the balor with the bandolier glares in your direction and says, "what are you doing?  Servants aren't allowed to use the main doors!"  the fedora wearing Balor then nudges him and says, "oy, look at what they'r ewearing.  They're not servants; they're adventurers!  the same ones who have been messing up Fho's plans I'll wager!  

If the players go through the side entrance:

The demons pay you no mind, roaring and eating away.  One of them then looks in your directions, chucks a shank at you and goes, "Hey, Servants!  This meat is rotten!  Go to the kitchen and fetch me another!"  They then turn back to each other and continue eating.  

If the players kill them, one of them has a ring of telekinesis on his necklace.  (He says it looks like a ring from that one movie)  They also have a key; the balor's key.

Lava Field

Locked, chilled key/balor's key

As you open the door you are blasted with a wave of incredible heat.  Lava dominates the room and waves of heat distort your view of things.  Small Islands are scattered throughout the room, too far away for you to really run and jump to.  To the south of the room is a seemingly out of place waterfall, falling into a small pond in the lava field.  Flanking the pool on either sides are large statues of balors.  In the middle of the lava field is a small island with something on it.  To the north is a large, extravagent door.

Interactable items:

* Middle Island

Outer Islands




North Door

Opposite Doors

The lava field is unbearably hot; after a bit of time in the lava field have the players start making checks same as the ice room.  If the players use say, a create water spell, it'll solidify   If the players splash a big pool of water on it, it'll solidify a large section of lava enough to walk on, but walking on it will still bake their feet and take 5d6 damage for each round they're in it.

Item in the middle: If the players gets close to it, the pool will explode in a big explosion of Lava in front of the player; dex save DC 16 or take 8d6 lava damage.  Item turns out to be a Carpet of Flying.

Pool: The pool is quite out of place here, but it offers a bit of relief from the heat of the lava field.  In the pool you can see the water drains out of a rather large hole in the bottom of the pool.  The water is quite clear.  DC 12 perception check and the players notice there is something in the water; a rod of lordly might.  But if the players try to fetch it, the pool may pull them in; in that case, DC 16 swim check to swim against the pool.

Statues: No matter what direction the players are facing (except if they're behind them) the statues always appear to be facing the players.  It's rather unnerving.  The eyes glow with the redness of a blood ruby.  The statues don't actually do anything, but if the statues are pushed into the pool, the statues will block the drain and overflow the water, and slowly cool down the lava field.

Pho's Mom's Bedroom

Unlike the rest of the keep which is rather sparsely decorated, this room is full of gold, gems, artwork decorating the walls everywhere.  A large, almost sinister bed dominates the room, and standing in front of it and staring at you is an incredibly large, mean looking balor.  The balor growls, and then says, "Well well well.  I've been expecting you, adventurers.  

The demon is in fact Pho Phuck's mother, and she's not happy with her son.  Not only has his new power gone to his head, but he also refuses to move out of his mother's basement, something she really wants.  She can't really force him out anymore now, so she'd like you to kill him for her.  In return for doing this she'll give you a key to the basement, saying, "Pho came home acting like a little bitch, so I locked him in the basement until he behaves."  

If the players ask for more to help and succeed on a persuasion check (DC 18) She'll laugh and say, "how gutsy of you to demand more from me.  Fine; have this robe of the archmagi.  I can't actually wear it anymore.   You'll find the stairs to his room in the main hallway."  

The Basement

The basement, darker than the rest of the keep, has the stench of mountain dew and doritoes.  The only light is the glow of a huge crystal ball which lays in front of large orange couch.  Sitting on the couch is a huge demon, angrily yelling at the crystal ball.  

Pho stats: 

Use Balor as base

AC: 21

HP: 400

Saves: +2 to all


Jump: Jump into a different plane of existence; spells/weapons can't hit it until someone changes him.

Push: select two players.  They have to make a DC 16 will save; if they fail, they're pushed to another dimension where they can't hit Pho for 1d6 rounds.

Legendary Action: 

Push on womever hit him.
Reposition: Move if hit.

Retaliate: Gain one sword attack to whomever hit him.

Attack: attack gains +2 to hit and to damage.

Fho Fus Saqs Moms House

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