Game Timeline

This timeline is set up to give us an idea of how the game stuff is set up, and how we want it to play out.  May require revisions after we start the game.

  • -5 Years: Archfiend discovers about the rifts; he orders his minions to head to the Ring of the Blue Fire to investigate.  There they discover they have doppelgangers and whatnot; research has begun as to whether they can leverage this or whatnot.
  • -4 Years: They discover that there is an alternate reality which contains alternate versions of everything. Fho comes up with his plan to create a new plane out of the two realities material planes which bridge the realities, but no progress is made in making this so.  Frustrated with the lack of progress into the research of this, they successfully kidnap Sanel to aid them in their research.
  • -3 Years: Progress is made. Sanel creates a device which, when chips of the anchor is placed in, forms a semi-stable portal between the dimensions.  These portals collapse after 1d4 people pass through.  
  • -2.5 Years: Sanel realizes what they're trying to do and refuses to help.  Demons are brought in to torture Sanel to coerce his cooperation.
  • -2 Years: 
  • -1 Year: Fho sends his minions on a mission: spread these portals throughout the land 
  • 0 Years: The players get their first starter quest; this quest should introduce them to the game world, some basic game mechanics and make them feel epic.  Help them familiarize themselves with their characters, each other and the party.

    • At the end of their adventure they run into some of the basic reality shifting mechanics without any explanation, giving them something to think about and wonder.
  • Players go on their second unrelated quest for whatever reason: This should be no more than a few sessions long, and once again lets them flex their muscles.  This adventure feels like a routine quest, but part way through things start going wonky.  

    • Second quest should be optional; we don't want to wait too long until the party
  • Players get their third quest from some kind of source. Part way through the third quest, someone from one group gets pulled into the other group and vice versa.  Maybe we pull in other mechanics like open a chat window between the two groups to communicate with.  I'd like this quest to be where the players discover the cult and that they're responsible for this.

    • The players may capture a cultist here; low ranking.  They discover that they're trying to create a new world that's not as mainstream, and about how they're trying to create these rifts of sorts.  
    • The players also discover about the other party here.  They discover the other party is in the same place, generally same time, etc. but they can't directly interact with them right now.  
  • Fourth quest.  The players start hearing even more about wonky happenings.  Most of them are small, but they hear about one big one; either something like a town disappears, or castle appears or something like that, so they go to investigate.  This is where we pull out the mad professor, whom can give the players hints.  
  • The cult is now known to the players as well as what's going on.  At this point I think any hooks we're giving them are tip offs they hear about what's happening.  On the other hand, I think for this one the next tip they get should come from the professor.  

    • During this quest they retrieve some artifacts that allow them to tame some rifts that allow them to temporarily move over party members, items, etc.
  • This quest players find out that this is all the mechanisms of a demon, they may even find out his plan.  
  • Now, this could be tricky.  The players may decide to try to go after the demon on his home plane. (They're high level, they will probably be able to locate them if they try hard enough.)  So plan some quests involving hunting down a demon lord.  
  • Final quest?  The players finally get the means to assault the ring of blue flame, and to make it down as far as they need to go.   Here they fight the cult and their demons all the way down, Have to deal with a lot of puzzles, then fight the cult leader before he ends up trying to (and failing) to cause the great rejoining, allowing the players to fight Fho.

Game Timeline

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