Game World

World Details

We need to decide on what game world we need to run this in; either create one, or use an existing one.  If we create our own it would give us a lot of flexibility, on the other hand if we use an established world a lot of the work is already done for us.  The downside is that if someone is familiar with the game world they may spot the inconsitencies we put in for the different worlds thing, though I imagine they would brush it off as a coincidence.



This is where we have links to the cities, towns, hamlets in the world.  If the list gets too large then we can see about splitting the list up.  Buildings should live inside the city pages.


This is where we keep links to the dungeons we use.

Other Points of Interest

This is where we have links to other points of interest that don't fall into the other categories.  We can expand it as necessary.

Game World

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