History and Culture


Beginning twenty years before the game starts, the demon Fho was surfing the tv; I mean scheming, when he noticed one of his mental links to his followers just vanished.   This peaked Fho's interest because if the link was severed or the man killed he would have known. This link simple ceased to be.  Interested in this event Fho sent his head follower to the Circle of Blue Flames, the place where the link was last active, to investigate.  

The head minion retraced the missing man's steps and found after he lost a few followers that there was some kind of reality distortion here.  From there he could see himself standing before him, and he could interact with him minorly.  He could also see the minion they thought they lost, though the minion could not see him; he was in the other reality.  Intrigued, the head minion reported back to Fho and told him everything about how they discovered what appears to be some sort of artifact which appeared to be the source of all this.  Intrigued, the demon didn't know exactly what this was, but realized this could be the advantage he needed over the other archfiends.  He did realize though that if there were two of his head minion and two sets of minion henchmen, this could be another reality.  He commanded his head minion to put all their resources into researching this, to find out everything they can about it and how they can leverage it.  

They kidnapped the researcher XXXXXX, whom is known for his research into the somewhat controversal multiverse theory.  Under threat of death and torture and whatnot they forced him to work into deciphering what they found and researching it, and how they can use it to their advantage.  Using his knowledge they managed to tame the ruins under the ring of blue flames and control the reality portals.  They discovered that there were in fact two almost exact realities, and that they pulled and ebbed at each other, probably due to this divine "lynchpin" they found, some kind of godly artifact that kept the two realities so close to each other, but at the same time pulled and tugged at each other.  More experimentation found that if two parts of the realities were close enough together using this divine lynchpin they would rip each other asunder and form a sort of separate reality that linked the two realities together.  They hypothesized that from this if they can pull the two realities close enough together in enough places they could create a new reality/plane that could become Fho's new home plane.  This new reality would link the two realities together, and would give Fho a huge advantage in everything.  

Using this information a plan was formed.  Fho's minions began all chipping off pieces of this divine lynchpin and began spreading them throughout the four corners of Faerun.  The goal is to spread enough of them around Faerun that the two realities start tearing at each other.  Then when enough are in place Fho will be summoned using some obscure method and he can activate (or destabilize or something) the central lynchpin which will force all of Faerun in both realities to tear itself apart and form a new reality; a bridge reality.  

Todo: Do we want to include stuff for players to do to stop Fho from travelling to the material planes?

History and Culture

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