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Important Question

  • Battle maps: How do we get?  Can we create our own?  Perhaps eschew maps?  I can try to make some in map editors, that could work. (NWN2 for example)

    • We can look into making maps if it's feasible, but no one will really care we think if we use premade maps.
  • Battles

    • we need to be able to challenge and let them flex their muscles, basically feel epic.  
  • We have a mechanic sort of figured out; now we need to figure out game world, then a story.
  • Need to figure out villain(s).  Motivation?  Desires?  Quirks?  

    • How can the villain achieve his goal?
  • Plot hook?
  • Do we get started on the main adventure right away, or start the party off with something to get them acclimated?

    • We could even have these acclimation quests hint towards the main plot.

      • We want to have it a bit longer. 
      • Plot hooks for side adventures would be nice, we want to do cool stuff which will take longer.  
      • We want to try quests where the two quests are the same yet different; the dragon is a differnet color, the bandits decided to move location, or invert the quest.
  • Why are the party adventuring together?  What motivates them?

    • How can we keep the party working towards the end goal?  Keep them interested?
    • No real in game reason for them to be together in the same party.  But could be nice how this works since they will be jumping around, 
  • Reality shifting

    • Do we want  penalties for jumping?  
  • End goal for this campaign
  • We should spend some lunches together, grab someone's laptop and start coming up with content.

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