Physical Setup

Universal Setup

Game is played in Roll 20, we'll make two new campaigns for each.  May have to actively manage and enforce who's in which group.  Use Obsidian Portal to keep track on what's goign on, actively track what changes we make to the game world.  I'm assuming hangouts for sharing resources.  Nathan and I keep each other up to date on what's going on on the fly with hangouts just in case we need some last minute stuff.  Have webcam, mic, speakers, hangouts for remote thing.

One House Setup

Two tables will be set up; one upstairs and one downstairs, or both at opposite ends of the basement.  I'm kind of leaning towards having one upstairs and one downstairs.  Setup downstairs will have my standard setup; desktop running hangouts, webcam, mic, etc.  

Problem is that the second setup won't be as complete.  I can pull some of my old equipment (old mic, Allie's webcam, old speakers) but it won't work as well because it's not as nice.  would like to have at least two monitors, one for each table, so we can set up "rift communications" between the parties.  We'll have to figure out the technical challenge on that later.


  • Small house, sound travels
  • Uploading bandwidth sucks

Two House Setup

We run something similiar, except we play in mine and Nathan's house.  More room to move, will require to make a similiar setup in Nathan's house to what I have.  No bandwidth issues, or noise issues.  No worries about groups mingling right after when leaving and talking about stuff.


  • Distance: If someone gets punted to the other group, they got a loooong way to go to get to the other party.

Physical Setup

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