Story Timeline

We began in Immilmar in the Rasheman empire.  A necromancer is raising an army, and the players are tasked with stopping him.  This is a starter quest, to let the players flex their muscles and get to try out the various things 5e has to offer.  

Marshall's Party: 

  • Peter: Enkidu the Druid.  
  • Allie: Lana (LANAAA!!) the rogue/ranger (acrobat)
  • James: Ceres the Warlock (and not fully built)
  • Andrew: Duck the Gnome Barbarian

Nathan's Party:

  • Elizabeth: [[:truffle | Truffle] the Gnome Wizard
  • Warren: Content Not Found: kyne the fighter/paladin
  • Brittany: Barbarian

First Quest:

The Undead Necromancers Army

End Quest Status: (and other noteworthy items)

  • World: Doing Fine
  • Party: Alive and doing well (no one transported)
  • Evil villians: Still doing what they do

Story Timeline

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