Between Two Worlds

Marshall: Quest 1, Session 1

The adventure begins



The party began in Immalter (or however you spell this)  They got the quest details from the iron king with little trouble.  No haggling over the prize.  It took a bit of effort to get the party to start adventuring; there was a fair bit of sitting around waiting for someone else to pip up.  

Eventually I had to kick things off by saying that the iron lord's scouts would meet the party at the town entrance and would lead them to where the other scout was killed.  From there the party managed to get a lead on where the undead came from with a few well rolled checks.  

The party followed the trail until they reached the Temple of the Dead where several "Guards" welcomed them.  The guards welcomed them but also told them that this was sacred ground and that they must leave.  The party made a few checks and realized that these guards looked a little too rag tag, were wearing random heirlooms that didn't seem to match up and Peter found by flying further out that animals refused to get near the temple, saying that the temple was corrupted and a blight on nature.  Eventually the guards got tired of the party's prodding and attacked.  It took a while but eventually the party defeated them.   They scouted around a bit and found some loot, found more clues to the guard's nature as bandits.  They managed to open the door into the temple.  After failing to open the door (there was no traditional lock as it was mechanical) James investigated the crying skull and two vampires flew out, fighting them.  When we left off Peter, Allie and Andrew were fighting one vampire while James took on the other one.  The three  nearly killed one vampire, James was faring not so well.  

Post Mortem

Need to remember to look up all the monster's abilities at the start of the fight as I was only using a subset of their abilities.  The party is holding back against the vampires, but two vampires are causing the party a struggle when they're not using their expendable abilities; may need to dial back encounters in the future.  

Looked up weaker monsters; they look viable for fights.  Note to self, integrate them more as disposable cannon fodder and for dealing some damage.  


  • Allie deals a lot of damage if other party members are nearby, a lot less if they're not
  • Peter seems to be almost entirely a spellcaster; has some big boom spells but not a lot
  • Andrew can hit hard when he's raging and can take a lot of punishment
  • James is not fully fleshed out, can't get a read on his character yet.  Seems interested in role playing.

Next Session

Continue the dungeon crawl.  Party is still in the first room.  James is grappled and is having his blood being drained.  The other vampire is in poor condition and is not grappling anyone.



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