Between Two Worlds

Nathan: Quest 1 Session 1


  • Brittany: Content Not Found: Degenel (Barbarian/Fighter)
  • Warren: Content Not Found: Kyne (Paladin/Fighter)
  • Elizabeth: Content Not Found: Truffle (Wizard)


The party got the details for the quest but didn't prod the king for much information. They seemed quite happy to just go on their merry way wherever the king pointed them. They didn't even ask about the reward. The king mentioned something in passing to see if they would inquire but they did not.

They asked how far the area was, I told them about a days ride to where the scouts went missing and had to give Brittany a horse from the King's reserve as she has no way to travel. Warren and Elizabeth are capable of creating their own.

I had to give the party a smoke signal (literally) as they all seem to be relatively incapable of finding their way in the wilderness. When they approached they saw the guards but didn't want to start the fight. Warren is a Paladin so he had to coax Brittany into taking the first swing (I know, odd right?). Elizabeth was slightly quieter during this, she will probably need me to direclty engage her to get her involved. They knew pretty quick (from some bad lies from the guards) that something was up. However, warren was literally 5 feet away from detecting the undead in the building with one of his abilities so he didn't just instantly know it was weird.

Once the fight started, they killed them easily but it took a while. They got hit a fair bit but Warren and Brittany can use second wind so that helps them sustain. Brittany is capable of dealing very large amounts of damage and so is Warren. Elizabeth's controller style casting is quite amusing.

They are now fighting the vampires. The vampires got trapped in a watery orb because I forgot to use the legendary saving ability. Though, this is working out as they grappled Allie so now she is in the water with one of them and it's about to start sucking all her blood. Warren figured out the radiant damage trick quickly with a bit of DM hints and meta-game knowledge. Brittany is convinced her silver weapon should work more effectively because she is trying to meta-game them… though I think she also has werewolves and vampires mixed up in her mind.

Post Mortem



  • Warren can boost his AC quite high
  • Brittany can output a lot of damage and soak a fair bit
  • Elizabeth's character will be good once the party figures out how to play with her controller abilities
  • Brittany isn't just shooting things in the face!

Next Session

Keep on killing them!


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