Between Two Worlds

Quest 2, Session 5

"That @$$hole!"


  • Brittany: Content Not Found: Degenel (Barbarian/Fighter)
  • Warren: Content Not Found: Kyne (Paladin/Fighter)
  • Elizabeth: Content Not Found: Truffle (Wizard)
  • Cerys


The players finished the main floor of the castle. They didn't open the locked trap door immediately as they don't have lock picking skills. So I gave them the key to it from the top left bedroom. The crawl space in that trap door is 2ft high and heads East then down.

Elizabeth went through the right hallway first and is short so didn't hit hte saran wrap. Brittany, however, did when she followed. It pissed her off. Meanwhile Warren went to flank the rats but they escaped into the wrestling room. Warren made it to the wrestling room first in which he took the challenge of the masked rat. A pretty decent fight ensued with WWE style bouncing off ropes, an attempted slam of the elbow into the face and an attempted trip via sliding through Kyne's legs. A second rat joined in when Kyne got the upper hand. At this point, Brittany and Elizabeth made it to the room. Elizabeth used mirror image to make 3 copies of herself in an attempt to intimidate the rats into giving up, Brittany smashed a rat in the face and killed it real dead. She then continued hitting hte corpse and all the other rats scattered. This was the first dead rat in the entire castle.

In the carpet room, Kyne fell into the carpet trap and the rats attacked when Elizabeth tried to open the treasures. They found the buttons and rags, etc in there. Kyne got the note stuck to his hand in the middle bedroom and they decided there was nothing worth looking into in the storage room. They then went downstairs.

James had arrived upstairs aroudn this point and the swap occured without a hitch. The fun then started. They eventually found James and RPed a bit of a fight about the castle.

Post Mortem

I think the players know what is going on but it, obviously, hasn't been confirmed. It'll be interested to see if they treat James with caution in upcoming weeks or not.



Next Session

Finish the basement, put in the spider boss!
Move on to Farm quest, presumably they'll herp around in the middle somewhere


marshallw DDragon

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