Sanel Onunen

Sanel is our expert who one time used to study these portals, and now is quite insane.


Sanel Onunen is a human who was raised by a group of scholarly elves. While growing up he was always looked down upon by the elves for being a lesser race (in a nice way; they would always be nice to him, but then say stuff like, “it’s ok if you don’t understand, you’re just a human”) While he appreciated their hospitality he always resented being looked down upon, so he strove to achieve greatness by researching something that could bring him a lot of fame; the multiverse theory, the idea that there are other realms out there that are similiar to ours. He thirty years of his life researching stories, sites of importance etc and while he had many theories and ideas he never found concrete proof for his theories.

This all changed when one day, while going home the cultists kidnapped him. He was taken to the circle of blue fire and was forced to research the stones for the demons. At first he resisted, but after a few days of resisting they asking him and instead started torturing him with demons. He eventually gave in and discovered quite a few things. The discoveries combined with the torture drove him quite insane. As a result of his torture whenever anyone talks to him he is always incredibly polite and performs the most elaborate bows. “Yes my master. Very good my master. I agree my master.” He does this for pretty much anyone. If he is approached by a demon he will shriek and do his best to get away from them.

Eventually he will be found by the players in his cell, and they rescue him. When he is rescued he gives them some basic information, just enough to know that he is important and can help them. After that he is lost in his insanity and the players cannot get more information out of him. The only way they can get more information out of him is to present him with something he worked on; something relevant to the other realities or the like, and he’ll regain his composure enough to give them some information before lapsing back into his insanity.

Additional Characteristics

Feel free to use these additional characteristics in both worlds. This is just for purpose to make a consistent character.

Nathan’s World

Talent – Perfect memory (even when crazy)
Mannerisms – Frequently uses the wrong words
Interaction Traits – Honest when not crazy
Useful Knowledge – World Shifting Mechanics
Ideals – Respect (will remember if character is rude to him, etc due to perfect memory this could be bad)
Flaws/Secrets -


Sanel Onunen

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