Puzzle ideas:

  • Keep talking and no one explodes
  • Puzzle where the players end up sabotaging each other
  • competitive puzzle thing
  • indiana jones with a rolling stone; they have to make it to the other end in time
  • Cube rooms can be moved around which will open and close paths that seem to go into solid walls

Need to figure out:

How do the players learn that there is a portal to the other realm in the well?


The Cube

Giving The Quest

  • King send envoy to tell them that a strange structure has appeared to the North (either in their realm or near circle of blue flame, undecided)
  • Sanel has never heard of this but knows that Crazy Crazy is Happening Happening HEHEHEHE

Cube Map

Note, this map is the initial layout of the cube. If the players move things using the moving room, it will change and you will have to keep track of this yourself. The numbers correspond with the room numbers below.

4 (water orb)
Entrances: NESW
  9 (loot room)
Entrances: S
  6 (heart orb)
Entrances: NESW

24 (Water Orb Entrance)

Entrances: NS

  8 (chaos room)
Entrances: S

22 (Double Boss)

Entrances: NESW

25 (The Swordsmen)

Entrances: NESW


23 (Man and Dragon)

Entrances: NESW

14 (movement room)
Entrances: NESW
8 (leadup to chaos)
Entrances: S

19 (health leeching)

Entrances: NESW

21 (Elemental DDR)

Entrances: NESW

5 (air orb)
Entrances: NESW
16 (logic puzzle)
Entrances: ESW

7 (orb destination)
Entrances: NESW

12 (rolling orb)
Entrances: NESW

20 (Water drowning Room)

Entrances: NESW

  17 (cube room)
1 (pressure plates)
Entrances: NESW
18 (pillar room) 
Entrances: WE
3 (earth orb)
Entrances: NESW
2 (fire orb)
Entrances: NESW
10 (key room)
Entrances: NESW
11 (entrance/exit)
Entrances: NESW

15 (unalignment loot)
Entrances: N

13 (shrub room)
Entrances: NESW

Approaching The Cube

In front of you, is a very large structure shaped like a cube. It's surface is completely white, incredibly clean and shines in the light of the sun. The only blemish in the structures surface is what looks like a doorway at the base.

Generate the room order randomly with a few exceptions. To keep track of this in Roll20, perhaps put the room doorways lead to in text as they are discovered. Delete when they have changed.

There are X possible rooms, randomly roll a dX every time the players go to a new room and re-roll if a duplicate is selected.

1. Pressure Plate Room

Your path is blocked by a large stone door with four dragons carved into it. The door looks quite heavy and there are no visible keyholes

DC 14 spot in the room reveals 2 stones on the floor that seem different than others. When stepped upon, they depress slightly and the eyes of one of the dragons on the door begin to glow. When players in the other world step on and off the plates, send a message to the other DM and have that DM talk about one of the dragon's that doesn't trigger by the plates in this realm having it's eyes glow. Very obviously, when all 4 plates are depressed, the door will open. Inside will be a treasure chest with a bag of beans (12 beans) (

2. Origin of Fire Orb

Lava, flame jets, fun!

Jets of flame leaping six feet high from large fissures in the floor greet you in this room and large pits of lava occupy the four corners of the room. The room is stifling hot. In the center of the room is a large pedestal holding a bright red orb. Behind the pedestal is a large, grey, demonic statue of a creature with 6 arms holding swords and the body of a snake.

When a player picks up the orb the flavor below is read. Any player that has not touched the orb cannot damage the statue as it is made of stone. They will still see it moving, however. The perception of heat (ie: warm places being comfortable and everywhere else being cold) only applies to the person currently holding the orb.

As you pick up the orb, the heat of the room seems to diminish. (DC 14 perception) You notice that the statue has gained color and eyes of the statue turn to look at you as one of the swords swings towards your head.


  • Marlith

    • Music (ff1 battle music:

Orb Effect

  • Boss

    • Monster gets disadvantage
  • Player that has touched

    • Sees the Marlith as a regular demon and can damage it
  • Player holding

    • Fire Orb starts shivering like they are cold
    • To the touch, they are warm. Think like a fever
    • Add fatigued condition to this player

      • Condition continues after putting orb down.

3. Origin of Earth Orb

A green orb is located on a large pedestal in this room. Surrounding this pedestal are the skulls of various different creatures. A small pathway is cleared leading to each of the exits in this room.

As the player enter the room, the Demilich's layer effect of applying 3d10 necrotic damage to all non-evil characters will apply. In this case, players that pretend to be good will only receive half damage as a "reward" and DM statement that they are playing their characters incorrectly. Please become familiar with the other traits of a Demilich layer.

On the second round, instead of a lair action, have the skeletons surrounding the pillar animate and attack. Pick a number you consider challenging based on how the players are doing so far and add more if necessary. I suggest starting with at least 1 per player.

One of the skulls around the pedestal is a Demilich. If the players detect it, they can talk to it and try to convince it to stand down. Otherwise, it will attack anyone trying to take the orb. It will not immediately reveal it's location choosing instead to unleash powerful magic first. As, unfortunately, the orb is it's phylactery. This lich is proud but wants release from THE CUBE which it is currently trapped in due to some very powerful magic. All it requires the players to do is offer it some sort of escape from THE CUBE perhaps by simply carrying the orb out. If for some reason the players do not do so in the end, the Demilich will try to hunt them down later since the magic trapping the Demilich inside THE CUBE has dissipated.


  • Demilich (In lair)

    • Music (ff1 battle music:
    • Found in page 49

Orb Effect

  • Boss

    • Monster gets disadvantage
  • Player holding

    • Cannot jump
    • Cannot fly
    • Cannot float
    • If someone tries to carry them, they feel 5 times heavier than they are
    • etc

4. Origin of Water Orb

There is very little land in this room. There is a small bridge leading to doors on each side of the square room and in the middle is a large pedestal with a large light blue orb in th middle. 

(DC 15 spot check) You notice on the right side of the room a relatively large patch of bubbling water.

  • Orb on pedestal at back of room with waterfall behind it.
  • Bubbling water on the right side of the room
  • When the players go for orb Kraken cuts off exit


  • Kraken (CR 23)

    • Music (ff1 battle music:

Orb Effect

  • Boss

    • Gets disadvantage on everything
  • Player holding

    • DC 16 Con check every 5 min or will feel like drowning and have to put down the orb

      • Cannot pick it up again for another 5 min if put it down

5. Origin of Air Orb

As you enter the room you notice a large blue dragon resting lazily on top of a large pile of treasure. Behind the dragon, you see a large pedestal with a blue orb sitting on top. The blue of the orb is swirling about.

  • Orb located on a pedestal behind boss
  • Boss sitting on top of large pile of treasure on top of a high cliff (40ft up)
  • If taunt the boss, he will fly down leaving the orb exposed


  • Tiamat (Dragon)

    • Music (ff1 battle music:

Orb Effect

  • Boss

    • Monster gets disadvantage
  • Player Holding

    • Floats 5 inches above the ground
    • Cannot walk but must find another method of propulsion through the air
    • Will not take falling damage no matter how high they fall from

6. Fake Orb (Heart)

Orb is pink in color.


  • Andosphinx

    • Music (ff10 battle music: something different to see if they notice:
    • Puzzles that are different in one realm than the other
    • Door to this room

      • Marshall's world – How many gemstones in the door to this room? (the door is oak)
      • Nathan's world – What type of wood is the door? (the door is metal with 7 gemstones inlaid in it)

Orb Effect

  • Person Holding

    • Makes the person extremely vulnerable to enchantment spells (gives them -10 on saving throws)
  • People That can See Them

    • When damaged, anyone that can see DC 16 Con Check. If fail, overwhelming urge to protect the person holding the orb

7. Destination of Elemental Orbs

In front of you are a jewel encrusted, golden doors.

Four large pedestals are in this room. From left to right:

1) Is floating several inches above the floor. (if pushed, it does not move) (Earth orb must be placed here)
2) Is spewing flame from the top (Water orb to be placed here)
3) Seems to be covered in ice (Fire orb to be placed here)
4) Is slightly out of place (on the ground but too heavy to move) (Wind orb to be placed here)

Opens door to Chaos room.

When all 4 orbs are placed:

A loud growl is heard and the floor shakes as all four pedestals sink several feet into the ground. (DC 12 Con to stay standing). When the pedestals stop moving, the doors begin to slowly rumble open revealing the next room.

8. Chaos room

This room is unlike any other room you have entered in this complex. The entrance you have walked in is the only visible entrance or exit to the room and the walls of this room seem to roil and move as you look at them. On the side of a path leading to the center of the room are four pillars with orbs upon them.

As the players walk past the orbs, they light up with the colors of the orbs they played ont he pedestals and a phantasm of the boss they defeated for the orb appears above it. If you remember the order, do them in the order the players got the orbs in.

This is where the dungeon BBG exists. Flavor him like Chaos from FF1.

Chaos is essentially a suped up Balor ( However, everythign related to his aura will change every round (See chart below). Additionally he has XXX HP instead of his usual.

Roll Element Additional Effect
1 Fire  
2 Ice Slows movement by half, movement within causes sliding
3 Acid  
4 Water Aura is as if in water. Players start floating (and take falling damage when aura ends), projectiles can't travel through, etc
5 Poison DC 16 Con save
6 Air DC 16 Str or pushed out of aura and knocked prone
7 Earth  
8 Heart (Psychic Damage)  

Boss music for theme: (

9.The Loooooooot Rooooooom

Loot is in this room. Glorious, glorious loot! Oh, also what Sanel sent the players to get originally, that is here too.

10. Key in Wrong Dimension Room

A few feet into this room, is a door (from all entrances). This door has a large keyhole in it. If the players inspect it, the keyhole seems like it will hold a skeleton key. Unfortunately, the key needed is located in the other realm. The lock cannot be picked. If a player tries to pick it, they will instead hear a loud click and the door will still refuse to open. Magic checks will determine it simply needs the right key to work.

A DC 14 search check will reveal a key lying on the ground near the door. It is old and rusting with age.

11. Well Room

This room is quite quaint. It reminds you of a quiet farmyard with small well and green grass covering the four quadrants of the room. Looking up, you do not see a roof but rather a bright peaceful sky full of large fluffy clouds. The path you are on is well traveled dirt and not completely straight.

In this room is a well that anything dropped into it flies out of the well in the other realm. Due to conservation of momentum, it flies straight out and if not caught falls back in and will return the previous realm. This is a very "yo-yo" like effect.

As players approach the well, they roll perception. No matter the result, they hear a faint sound coming from within the well. A DC 14 perception will let them know that this is the familiar voice of someone from the other realm they are hearing. However, they are unable to distinguish words. If the players shout down the well, communicate this with the other DM. Next time the players in the other realm go into that room, perhaps have them hear those words.

12. Rolling Orb Room

A steep slope leads through a small cobweb covered corridor to the back of this room. Upon a large pedestal is a pure black orb.

DC 16 check will reveal that this is a pressure plate trap, a la Indiana Jones.
DC 14 reveals that the cobwebs cover small holes and a large horizontal slit in the wall and a further DC 16 check reveals that they are arrow traps

The orb on the pedestal doesn't actually do anything as it is a burned out orb. However, upon taking it, unless they put an object weighing exactly 10 lbs on the pedestal as it is removed, a giant boulder is released and rolls towards the PCs and the entrance(s) to the room start closing.
Once the boulder is released, the other traps are active too. They are:
Arrow Trap
Razor Sharp Disc (at head head for an average human, so about 5')

If players get trapped in the room but survive the boulder, they will need to find a way out. The doors can be pried open, teleport out, etc. Teleports, however, will always take them back to the start of THE CUBE.

13. Shrub Room

Vines cover the walls of this room and the ground is blanketed with dense foliage. Even the ceiling is covered by plants. The plants sway in unison as if being moved by a breeze. There is a small hill in the middle of the room.

Players can make a very basic (DC 10) survival, nature style check to realize there is no breeze in the room. Upon close inspection the plants seem to be moving not completely in unison and as if they have their own minds. Thus, when the players get too close to them, they will attack.

The small hill is actually a shambling mound.

Possible plants:

  • Awakened Shrub (
  • Awakened Tree (
  • Shambling Mound (
  • Shrieker (
  • Treant (
  • Violent Fungus (


14. Movement Room

Sticking out from holes in this room are two levers.

As approach the levers: The levers each plunge down several feet into the middle of a tangle of moving gears and cables. None of the machinery below the levers is moving.

DC 14 spot will show differences between lever gears:

1) First Lever – More gears seem to be parallel with the floor (move things east and west)
2) Second Lever – More gears seem to be perpendicular to the floor (move things north and south)

After pulling a lever:

The machine below the lever suddenly springs into motion and you hear a very loud rumble as the ground shakes. After a few seconds, the lever slowly returns back to it's central position and the gears slow to a halt.

Somehow provide the players the ability to move the rooms around in the dungeon. We should make at least one that doesn't actually have an entrance tha tis currently lined up. Perhaps full of loots

15. Unaligned Loot Room

Initially doesn't align with the doors of any other room. Perhaps in one corner. The PCs will have to somehow align this room using the Movement Room to get into it.

The walls of this room shine and glitter. You are unable to determine why but it strikes you as quite beautiful. In the middle of the room sits a large chest and a (Nathan: blue pedestal, Marshall: Green pedestal).

When they approach the pedestal

Upon the pedestal is (Nathan: Blank green piece of paper, Marshall: Blank blue piece of paper)

Once these papers are placed on the proper pedestal, a single word will fade into view upon the paper. Think invisible ink.
Marshall: Password is Crocodile
Nathan: Password is Alligator
As soon as the word appears, the chest beside the pedestal turns to the players and smiles (think the seam of the chest turning upwards). It will then converse with the players. The players must make the chest say the password in order for it to open.

16. Logic Puzzle Room

This room contains five pictures on the walls each with a pedestal under them. Beside each pedestal is a large statue that is covered in a thick layer of dust. In the middle of the room is yet another pedestal. As you walk in, you hear a loud grinding sound and the doors slide shut and two of the statues starts moving.

The central pedestal gives the rules of the logic puzzle:

Inscribed in the middle of the pedestal is the following:

There are five members in the council of Ravensborg’s Guild. Two of them are thieves, two wizards and one warrior, that got there due to a wrong number. It is known that thieves always lie; wizards say one true statements and one false out of every two statements they utter, and warriors always say the truth.

Find the profession of each one and who is the guild’s leader?

Surrounding this inscription are 2 robes, 2 helmets, 2 stilettos and a badge.

5 pedestals located around the room with pieces of paper on them. Each paper gives a clue for a logic puzzle.
This could be a room where the players enter and all exits immediately shut on them. Then, stone golem statues around the room animate and beat on them as they are solving the puzzle.
Two Stone Golem will animate at a time to start. If the players take too long to figure things out, perhaps have a second set animate. ( If the players destroy 4 of the golems, have the fifth one be an iron golem ( It will animate and inform the players this one looks different than the others. Once the dust shakes off of it, it looks to be made of metal instead of stone.

The golems repair after 1d4 rounds if destroyed. Players are expected to complete this puzzle while fighting. They cannot "pause" to figure the puzzle out. If the round tracker hits them and they are still working on the logic puzzle, skip their turn and give all attacks vs them have advantage. Golems can also detect who isn't paying attention and will focus on that individual.

Name is located under the picture. The clues are listed on a sheet of paper under the picture.

  1. One of the thieves is Krenin.
  2. The leader is a wizard.
  1. I am a thief.
  2. I am not the leader.
  1. I am the leader
  2. Rupert is a warrior.
  1. Our warrior is Rupert.
  2. Our warrior is the leader.
  1. Lamber is one of the thieves.
  2. Our leader is one of the wizards.


Robes should be placed upon the pedestals of wizards, stilettos on the pedestals of thieves and a helmet upon the pedestal of the warrior. Additionally, the badge is placed upon Ruperts.

Name Profession
Simon Warrior
Lamber Wizard
Krenin Thief
Walter Thief
Rupert Wizard (Leader)

As you place this last item, there is another loud grinding sound and the doors to the room open approximately 2 feet. The statues immediately stop moving.

17. The Cube Room

This room is dank, dark and cave-like. A slimy substances covers the walls and drips from the ceiling. You notice several piles of slime located throughout the room.

A room full of cubes of different colors. Hide the types of oozes appropriately for their types. Use the "Cube Cave" room template.
These cubes will attack but not all at once or overtly. They'll slowly try to engulf the party or get them when they aren't paying attention. The ones on the ceiling will drop down when players are under them, etc. Since these are all low level monsters, you can be quite harsh with this and have them respawn or something if necessary.


  • CR 2 Gelatinous Cube -
  • CR 1/2 Gray Ooze -
  • CR 2 Ochre Jelly -
  • CR 4 Black Pudding -

18. Pillar Room

The path in front of you abruptly drops off and several pillars of earth rise from the ground 40 feet below. On the ground below you can see several large shapes moving.

Many pillars in this room having to get from one side to another.

Due to the size of the area the players are trying to jump to, players will need to either hit the exact range on a roll they require or they will need to make a dex check (DC 10 + amount over/under by) on the other side to not fall off.
On the ground below the pillars, are a bunch of earth elemental all milling about. They do not notice the players but if the players make too much noise or fall, they will notice the players. If they are on the ground they will burrow up to the players on the pillars or attack on the ground. If on the pillars, the elementals will occasionally try to bull rush the players off the edge. If the players are plowing through these too fast, feel free to have a few more that were not originally noticed materialize out of the walls.

Earth Elemental CR 5 –

19  Co-op door opening

Upon entering the room all the doors immediately lock shut and they cannot be opened.  Both groups have elementals and bulletts spawn every round (about 4 every round) and immediately head to the well to jump to the other side.  In both sides there is a magic circle in the middle of the room.  They have to attempt to all stand on a magic circle in the middle of the room long enough to steal enough life force from them to open up the doors an keep them all open.   But any life force they give will slowly open the doors for the other side, not theirs.  So the players will have to balance leeching health and attempting to fight off the elementals.  The elementals will do everything they can in order to knock the players off the magic circle.  

The magic circle steals 40 hp/round, and needs 200 hp in order to open all the doors.  It does this at the top of every round, and will take from all players on the circle.  If no one is on a circle then the circle will lose energy at a rate of 80/round.  

As the players leach health two things will happen: 1: the doors will slowly start to open and 2; the magic circle will glow brighter and start spinning faster and faster until they fill it up.  

20: The room rising with water

As soon as all the players enter the doors snap shut and water starts filling it at a rate of 1 foot per round.  In Marshall's room there is pedastal in the middle of the room with controls on it at some point.  If the players interact with it nothing happens for now.  Meanwhile in Nathan's side there are some complex machines in the corner that are dark and silent.  There are some levers and what appears to be a cylinder that is burnt out.  The cylinders exist in a stockpile on Marshall's side.  The players will need to communicate that they need these cylinders and toss one over to the other side, at which point the players will need to install it and turn on the device; it'd be a DC 14 int check to figure out how to remove and install the new cylinder and the players will have to figure out the proper combination of switches to push to turn it on.  On one turn the players have enough time to try one configuration.  If they have a switch in the right state then a light above it will flash.  (Allowing relatively easy figuring out)  

Once the players figure out how to turn on the machine the players on marshall's side need to figure out how to drain the water using the control panel.  There are a green button, red button, blue button and a lever. 

Green button will drain water out of Marshall's cube at 1 foot/round but will effectively triple Nathan's Rate

Red will do the opposite of that.

Blue button will double the rate of water flow.  

Lever will reverse the flow so water drains.

(If there's a better idea for this puzzle i'm all ears)

For reference, let's have the rooms be 30 feet high.

21: Killing the right elementals

The doors in the room close, an earth, water, fire and air elemental all rise and start attacking.  In the middle of the room a shining light (nonmaterial) flashes colors:

Marshall: Blue, Brown, White

Nathan: Red, White, Blue

What's happening here is that the rooms are linked to the monsters in the door opening sequence; blue represents water, brown earth, white air, red fire.  You need to kill the right elementals in the right order in order to open the doors.  The trick is that the elementals are linked to both rooms; kill a fire elemental in one room and it counts as a fire elemental kill for both rooms.  So the players will need to coordinate their killing; they need to collectively kill in the order blue, brown and white to open Marshall's door, for example.  

Once all the doors are open, the elementals all crumble or vanish.

22: Two bosses

In this room there are two bosses: Two iron golems.  Both are independently a boss fight but with a catch; attacks made on one golem transfer over to the other world's golem.  (Perhaps use hangouts or something to tell the other person about total damage so far)So if one part is hitting a golem really hard, they will deal a lot of damage to the other party's golem, but won't scratch theirs.  If a golem is killed, the golem just falls down.  On his turn he will stand back up and will have all the health the other golem has.  (so if marshall's group still has 100 hp left on their golem Nathan's defeated theirs, Marshall's golem will stop moving until his turn comes back up, then he will come back up with 100 hp or however much Nathan's golem has, while Nathan's golem just doesn't stop. 

23: The man and the dragon

This isn't a double group thing.  

A man in robes sits calmly on the right top corner on the plateau area.  A dragon stands before him and will attack.  (White adult dragon)  This dragon should be easy, but after 1 round the dragon will come back to life and start attacking again.  The trick here is that the man is actually the one in control, and the players need to kill him in order for the dragon to remain truly dead.  (1 attack will do it.)

If the players are hostile towards the man or whatnot he will beg for them to spare his life, and he's not doing anything to threaten them, which is true; all he's doing is acting sort of as an anchor for the dragon.  

If the players make it clear that they're going to kill him (say so, climb the plateau up to get him, run at him with weapons etc.)  He will one time teleport to the small pillar on the left.

24: Water Orb Entrance

All the exits except the south are closed off.  The room is quite empty, but if they investigate in any way, they will find that the pool of water in the bottom left of the room is much deeper than the others; if they check it out they will find that it leads to room 4.

25: The Mysterious Swordsmen

Upon entering this room, the players will see 5 swordsmen on the other side who will move to engage. (Use the cultist knights, but these ones only have 60 hp)  The trick here is that the swordsmen can attack the players, but the players can't attack the swordsmen… at least not their own.  They will notice that their attacks go through the other swordsmen, but they can actually attack the swordsmen in the other realm by attacking the air where they are.  

Trick here is that we can approximate and it'll be good enough.  So create some gm token swordsmen to use to represent the other swordsmen.  When the players start talking about where their swordsmen are, they'll probably use language like "over by the tree" or "by the well" for the other party to attack.  The other party can then try to use survival or other similiar skills to try to figure out where the swordsman is, at that point you can say "You feel something isn't right on this square" or "you hear faint muffled fighting from here"  Then have them roll for attack and damage.  Then communicate with the other dm saying "enemy by the tree takes 23 damage" or something like that.   


If a room doesn't have a number on it, assume only normal elementals are in there.


Between Two Worlds marshallw DDragon