The Cultists Revenge


Cultist demons have ambushed the players and have been defeated or have decided the players have had enough, and are retreating from the players by heading to their secret base inside Mulptan, the trading hub between the Rasheman empire and the rest of the world.  

After disengaging from the PCs they will announce that the players had better keep out of the cult's way or else they won't be so kind in their next attack; from that point onwards those who can teleport will teleport away and those that can't hoof it.  If the players also mentioned the cube the demons will warn the players to keep away from the cube, otherwise they will surely strike at their keep while they players are gone.  (This sort of forces the players to go after the demons if they want to continue)  If the players choose to try to attack the demons on foot they will probably fight and beat them, but the teleporting demons will survive.  From here the players will probably try to track the demons; if they choose to do so it won't be hard.  The demons didn't try to hide their tracks at all; arcana checks will find a dull magic trail, or the proper knowledge check will tell the players that the only place they really could have gone is to the city of Mulptan.  

Once the players reach Mulptan they will need to try to find the demon's hideout.  Asking pretty much anyone around and everyone will answer with the same answer with the same dull voice; there are no demons around here.  It is safe in Mulptan.  These people have in fact had their memories wiped and a suggestion put in place instead to answer questions with that phrase.  

The Cultists Revenge

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