Undead Court of Tolemac

Undead Court of Tolemac

This area is modeled after King Arthur and Camelot. The knights of the round table will be higher level undead with plenty of undead servants around to provide the quick easy fights with much chaos. Each of the knights was corrupted by Fho'Fus'Saq and accepted his offer to become Death Knights. Although Camelot had 13 knights, only a few were actually corrupted. The rest were simply killed and brought back as regular undead.


Stronghold style. They will need to enter and get the item they desire. Collapsed walls and a general unscryability (perhaps due to a corrupted Merlin?)


  1. Entrance

    1. Gate slightly ajar
    2. Blood smears on walls
    3. Dead decaying creatures on sides of road
  2. Jousting Area

    1. Two Death knights jousting (don't seem undead from distance?)

      1. Ignore players unless approached
  3. Melee Arena

    1. Undead scattered about?
    2. Perhaps golems fighting living creatures for amusement of more knights?
  4. Wizard's Tower

    1. Foyer

      1. Fancy
    2. Merlin's Chambers

      1. Fancy bed
      2. Succubus chained in corner?
    3. Library

      1. Golems in corners
      2. Books will not leave shelves
    4. Experiment Room

      1. Demon's disected
      2. Some sort of mind related trap?
    5. Corrupted Summoning Room

      1. Demon in Circle
      2. Merlin is here, defeat Merlin and Demon tries to bargain way out? Or Merlin unleashes Demon?
    6. Enchanting Room

      1. Weapons of magic quality in here
      2. Perhaps hand out a fancy weapon of some sort here but would need a fight for that
    7. Scrying Room

      1. Black crystal ball

        1. Feel like being watched
        2. Touch some sort of psychic attack
        3. Look into, see scene from other reality?
    8. Roof
  5. Church

    1. Graveyard out back undead restless on ground, get up when players approach
    2. Some stones look like they have been knocked over recently
    3. Most of the graves look like they have been dug up

      1. Nature check reveals looks like something crawling out not digging in
  6. Blacksmith

    1. Weapons lying around all of regular quality
  7. King's Tower

    1. Arthur's Rooms (most of a floor, 4th floor)
    2. Queen's Room

      1. Find queen in there (Banshee) with a few other evil creatures
    3. Guest Rooms (4 on one floor, 3rd floor)
    4. Treasury (5th floor)

      1. Need 3 "keys" to open a chest within there that has something in it?
  8. Main Castle

    1. Round Table (most of a floor, 2nd floor)
    2. Feast Hall (main floor)

      1. Rotting food, and blood. Perhaps kinda Red Wedding theme?
    3. 2x Dungeons (basements)

      1. A few living creatures chained up
    4. Servant's Quarters (3rd floor)

      1. Some of the servant's still locked up there

        1. Frail and thin
        2. Tell of Arthur making a deal with a demon
        3. Only fed a few times a week
  9. Stables

    1. Nightmares instead of regular horses
    2. Water in troughs has algae growing in it and looks like it has been sitting there for a while
  10. Moat

    1. Seems darker than regular water should be
    2. Corrupted

      1. If step in, does poison damage
      2. Chance of desease
    3. Drawbridge is up

      1. Can get through the side doors though

Differences in the World






Renown, pissing off BBG

Impact on the World

The area surrounding the castle starts to return to normal.



Oathbreaker Paladin (page 97 of DMG)

  1. King Arthur – King Ruhtra (Roo-trah)

    • Slightly more powerful Death Knight
    • Encountered in a nice grand room
  2. Sir Lancelot – Sir Tolecnal (Tolek-nal)

    • Accompanied by a Banshee (Guinevere)
  3. Sir Galhad – Sir Dahlag (Dah-lag)

    • Super cruel in some way
  4. Sir Percivale – Sir Elavicrep (Elle-ave-crep)


Undead Court of Tolemac

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