Retrieve the Godstones


Reports have come in of a strange structure appearing seemingly overnight.  Cubeoid and featureless, this structure has become the talk of the countryside.  At only one day away, it has become the player's responsibility to investigate it.

Upon hearing about it, Sanel will immediately "sober" up, regaining a portion of his sanity.  It is at this point that he spouts a riddle:

Great was he who watched over the worlds

Gently sheperding them on their journey through the cosmos

Now he is gone, and all that remains…

The godstone.  The godstone!  

Serving as an anchor between worlds…

At this point Sanel just babels "the godstone…" over and over if the players try to prod him for more information.  

The Journey

As you travel along the road, you see several goblins attacking a family.  The goblins have spears lowered, while the family appears very frightened.

The destination is only a day away, but when the players are half a day towards their destination they will come a family being attacked by a group of goblins.  The players will easily defeat the goblins and will probably ask the family if they are ok.  At this point the family will smile demonically and claim that they are just fine, but the players won't be as they spring their trap. 

The demons have grown tired at the players constantly interfering with their plans, and are attempting to stop them.  They set this ambush for them.  This family are actually a group of demons whom are disguised as humans.  As the demons spring their trap, the ground in a 20 foot radius centered on the players will rumble then collapse; the players have to make a DC 16 wisdom check to identify what's happening and try to escape.  Anyone failing this falls into a 30 foot pit, and takes damage accordingly.  Inside the pit is a purple worm, ready to feast on whomever is inside.  Meanwhile for anyone not in the pit will have to deal the two family members, who will reveal themselves to be 1 Nalfashnee and 2 Glabrezu and will attack anyone who made it out of the trap.  



Retrieve the Godstones

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